Petunia, Houston, TX

Hi! My name is Petunia. In December of 2014, I was surrendered to BARC, Houston’s city shelter.

I was estimated to be 9 weeks old, although it is estimated later I was probably only 4 to 6 weeks old. I had an infected, extended eyeball. šŸ™

A rescue, Houston Street Dogs, saved me and the next day I had my eye removed. After surgery I was picked up by my foster mom. Foster mom picked me up and said, “Oh my! A chocolate pit puppy with puppy’s breath!!”

I heard her say that I was sent by Pig; I didn’t understand yet what that meant. We got home and I had a nice, comfy, warm bed in a crate. There were big dogs there too.

Foster mom said she wanted me to learn to sleep in a crate for my new family and she said she didn’t want the big dogs to step on me.

The next day foster mom told me my name would be Petunia Pig, Petunia for short. I was named after the dog named Pig that foster mom had lost just a week earlier. I heard foster mom talk about missing him and she even cried. I snuggled with her.

Pretty soon after coming home, I started not feeling good. Foster mom got me back to the doctor because it was almost Christmas. Foster mom learned I had parvo and she was worried. šŸ™

She told me to be strong and we would get through this. She told me Angel Pig would help.

Christmas came and went and foster mom stayed with me. I didn’t like the needle under my skin very much. I even nip at her. She told me even when I don’t feel good, biting is not the solution.

Pretty soon I felt good and started sneaking naps in the bed with the big dogs and foster mom. I was told I was a pint-sized trooper for making it through surgery and parvo.

I got my stitches out of my eye and things were going well. Then…I got a cherry eye. Foster mom said I couldn’t catch a break!

Surgery was scheduled and I was spayed and had my cherry eye removed. My health was excellent and mom started teaching me obedience. She said that because I am a pit bull I will have to act and behave better than all other dogs. It doesn’t make sense because I’m already a nice pup.

Mom explained that some humans are confused and that we were going to change minds. So, we went to a local walk for a pit bull at a dog park with some other friends and my foster sister Bug. It was my first walk on leash. Mom was so proud of me! šŸ™‚

Mom took me everywhere and everyone really loved me. Well, those who took the time to know me. Some people ran from me and called me a pit bull like it was bad. I was doing my sit and stay. Those are the people mom warned me about. So, I wagged my tail.

I am now 10 months old and I’m adopted! Foster mom adopted me on the anniversary date she lost Pig.

I am learning to swim so I can dock dive. I just earned my Canine Good Citizen certification and I am on mom’s team, The Ambassabull Project, where I am changing minds one heart at a time.

I am a good girl and I am going to prove how strong I am and all those like me are. I would love to represent Houston like Super “Monster” Jagger!

I will work in the honor of all the pit bulls that have come before me so the ones that come after me have it better. “Changing minds one heart at a time!”

Thank you for reading my story.

~ Petunia

Parent: Stacey Lea

Credit: Theheartnose ~ photo by Kelly Labrie Ferguson