Petie, Charleston, SC

Hi! I’m Petie. I’m an AmStaff (so I’m told) who ended up in the Marion County Animal Shelter in Mullins, SC. I was turned in because my previous mom and dad could not afford to take good care of me. 🙁

I was hanging out at the shelter for the whole southern summer, in 90-100 degrees and no A/C! That was not good at all. But I did manage to charm everyone, which kept me off the Kill list. Everyone loved me so much they let me hung out front while they were all working hard cleaning kennels, exercising dogs, and taking in new ones (unfortunately).

I’d greet everyone — dogs, cats and humans — and receive a pat on the head. And I just took it all in with my big sad eyes. I knew I was in a very precarious position: A deaf senior bully breed with skin allergies who was heartworm positive, and residing in what used to be known as a high kill shelter in one of the poorest of South Carolina counties. Rather dismal, don’t you think?

If not for the passion, enthusiasm and caring staff and volunteers, they would have already put me down for being just a dog. Thankfully, I got to know this female human who volunteered at the shelter. She had recently lost her senior Lab and she felt that her house was rather quiet even though she still had 3 dogs. For some reasons, she knew I was the right fit for her house. So she adopted me and became my Mom!

And she was right. I love it here with my fur and real brothers and sisters. Take a look at my shelter life and my new life! My new family is grateful the staff and volunteers at the shelter persevered and believed in me.

I’m very laid back. Everyone says I’m socially pleasant and a great ambassador for my breed. I’ve made a few forays into downtown Charleston and people have only received me with love. My Mom was a Lab/Golden Retriever person before she adopted me so she was a little concerned on how “this bully breed” would be viewed, but everyone has made me feel welcome! It’s been a learning experience for my Mom and she says it’s been a win-win for all of us.

I even have a job now…I’m the official Spokesdog for the Marion County Animal Shelter’s Spay and Neuter Program! I started my official “duties” after I completed my heartworm treatment.

I love people and other dogs and am looking forward to going around and educating folks on Spay and Neuter and Bully Breeds. Once folks hear my story and that we need help, it’s amazing how folks donate and help us with our cause. My first official fundraising event is the Critter Costume Party! Visit all my friends at the shelter — Save Marion County Animals.

Love all,

You can say also hi to me on my Facebook: Petie – one more lucky dog

Parent: Maureen