Petey, Scottsdale, AZ

Hi! I’m Petey! You’ve probably seen me on my Facebook page: Petey, The One Eyed Wonder.

My story starts in early August, 2011, when I landed as a stray in a Maricopa Shelter and was on the list to be put down. Luckily for me, my picture was taken by a group called The 5am Dogs of AZ and was distributed on Facebook asking for some group to sponsor me so that I could avoid my death sentence.

Shortly after my picture was circulated, an amazing group Rockstar Rescue stepped up and sponsored me. On August 5, they went down to the Shelter and picked me out, taking me to their boarding facility so that I could be evaluated.

Three days later, I was taken by Rockstar Rescue to a Vet somewhere in Phoenix. This Vet did a quick exam, gave me a shot, and said there was nothing more to do for me. Clearly, this Vet was disinterested in me. The next day, my rescuers posted the news of my Vet visit. My future dad saw the posting and decided to call my rescuers and see if they would be interested in speaking to another Vet. My rescuers agreed they wanted a second opinion so a visit was set up.

On August 11, I went in and met with Dr. Josh at North Scottsdale Animal Hospital. Dr. Josh spent a considerable amount of time with me and confirmed that I needed surgery on my left eye. Doctor Josh also confirmed that my jaw had been broken sometime in the past—some type of blunt force trauma. (They don’t know if I was hit with a stick or a bat. If you open my mouth, you can see where my jaw broke and was pushed in due to the force.) Luckily, although my jaw is deformed, it will not prevent me from eating or enjoying life. The surgery was then scheduled for August 15 but $600 had to be paid before the surgery could be done.

Rockstar Rescue immediately stepped up and set up a Chip In for me. Numerous people and organizations immediately stepped up and shared this Chip In throughout Facebook and the Web. Within 48 hours, $600 had been raised for my surgery. However, the Staff at North Scottsdale Animal Hospital did not know the goal had been met, so the night before the surgery, they called my rescuers and offered to pay any remaining balance out of their own pocket. (They’re so nice! :-))

On August 15th, I had my surgery. The remains of my left eye were removed, along with a lot of nasty infected scar tissue. Further, a complete oral X-Ray series was done, to confirm I would not have jaw problems in the future.

I was then picked up after my surgery by my future dad. He was only to foster me for a few days during my recovery but as he was leaving the Vet’s office, Dr. Josh told him that while he knew my future dad is a Rottweiler owner, if there ever was a dog he would recommend adopting, it would be me.

I went home with my future dad and spent the next few days recuperating at his house. Heading Dr. Josh’s words, my future dad began to think about adopting me. He had his dog trainer come to the house and evaluate how his two Rottweilers, Junior and Rocko, got along with me. Much to my future dad’s surprise, we all got along wonderfully. So on August 18, 2011, my dad informed Rockstar Rescue that he was a Foster Failure and that he was adopting me!

The rest is history. 🙂

Parent: John Schill