Petey, Luling, LA

Hi! My name is Petey and I was dumped by some mean people on the side of the highway in the swamps in Luling, LA, right outside of New Orleans.

I was a skinny 6 months old puppy, just skin and bones, starved and sucked in at the edge of death. I struggled to survive the scary nights when a nice man saw me on his way home from work. He picked me up and took me right to the vet!

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and I was given lots of medicine to help me grow big and strong. I recovered and gained weight and health quickly.

The nice man took me home, fed me and became my guardian. He is not a rescue — he’s just a nice person with a heart and a love for pit bulls like me. He loves me a lot. He calls me Petey the Sweetie and he takes good care of me these past year and a half.

Unfortunately he has to work too much and he knows I need more than he is able to offer. He told me that I deserve more love, attention, training and exercise than he is able to give me with his current situation. I need to find a home where I can love and play and be the happy puppy I’m meant to be.

I love kids, other puppies of all sizes and even kitties! I’m a loving and energetic boy who loves to jump and run, and I have a great memory of people’s faces. Once I recognize you, you’re instantly my friend. I’m a star with the neighborhood kids as I’ve shown a softer side on behalf of the “monsters.”

Here’s my quick stat:

  • I’m about 24 months old
  • I’m ready for a new home, with or without other animals
  • I play nicely with other dogs
  • I’m not scared of cats nor do I bite them. I’m just interested in watching them, from a far
  • I love to jump up when you approach me, ready for affection
  • I’m up to date on all my shots and gets monthly heartworm treatment to protect me from the mosquitoes that swarm these swamps

I’m not neutered but I wouldn’t mind more medical attention. I’d love for you or someone you know to take me home and love me forever, because I’m not a monster — I’m Petey the Sweetie.

For more info, contact Jacob Dillon at 415-706-7219 or and help find Petey a home.