Penny, Annandale, NJ

Hi there everyone, my name is Penny The Pit Bull!

My story is not a heartbreaking one but rather one that has become all too common. See, my mommy was bred to give birth to those gorgeous blue nose pit bulls. When she gave birth to me and my little brothers and sisters, one of my sisters and I came out black instead.

The human daddy didn’t like that very much because he didn’t think he could make something called money from us so he packed up my sister and I and brought us to a very scary place called a ‘shelter.’ 🙁 Thankfully some nice ladies from a rescue came and got us out of there.

Then along came this nice lady who was looking for a playmate for her dog Bernie. She came to an adoption event to see a different puppy but it didn’t work out. She was just about to leave when the rescue lady said, “Hey can you wait a few minutes, we are bringing two 4 month old sisters in.”

Of course my mommy said OK. Shortly afterm my sister and I arrived. We were let out of the crate, we came in and I crawled right into this lady’s lap and went to sleep. It was an instant match.

This lady was so torn because she had heard all these bad things about pit bulls but just thought how could this little face be mean? So she took me home. I felt so bad for my sister being left there without me but my new mommy just couldn’t bring home both of us. The rescue lady assured my new mommy that my sister was safe and would find a great home.

My new mommy started to research pit bulls and black dogs and began to wonder what we could do to help other dogs that were like me. The statistics were devastating.

She had to put all her research on hold for a little while because I had to have surgery. See, when the bad man that used my doggie mommy for breeding didn’t care who he bred her with so I was destined to have many problems. In my first year and a half of life, I had two surgeries on my knees for what was called luxated patellas. Then we found out I also have hip dysplasia.

We began to help a local rescue and started fostering pit bulls in need. This is the part that makes everything so worth it.

Mommy would come home with a pit bull that was in need of a home; some were found on the streets and some were in a shelter that would have otherwise been euthanized. We would love them and take care of them until their forever home was found. They were scared, didn’t know what it was like to be loved but each and every one was part of our family and learned quickly that not everyone was bad.

Last August we even adopted one of our fosters and I have a sister who is named Nala Bone. She is a goofball! 🙂

Mommy and I took it a step further. We became very active in the communities helping dogs, raising funds for rescues and spreading the word that pit bulls are misunderstood. We created a Facebook page for me to help advocate for not only the most misunderstood breed in the world but also for the often overlooked black dog.

My page is often filled with amazing photos shot by our favorite photographer, Valerie Bruder. She has helped us find great homes for our fosters.

I have also been featured in American Dog Magazine, was a model for NJ Aid For Animals were I am on a billboard with Super Bowl Champ Barrett Brooks and have done some amazing work with Miss Philadelphia, Jamie Devine. 🙂

I have been very fortunate to have a great home and a great family that pulls together to speak out for pit bulls and all dogs in need. I use my page to have fun, showcase dogs in need, help raise funds and even have a contest here and there to bring some enjoyment.

Sometimes you will even see my crazy sister Nala Bone take over my page and post funny things because she is just that type of dog!

Saving pit bulls just like me — thats my super power!

With Love,
Penny The Pit Bull

Parent: Beth