Oy, Pineville, MO

Hi. My name is Oy. My person Joe calls me a Pibble mix. He says I got my name from Stephen Kings “Dark Tower” series. I am a very happy little dog now, but was not always.

About 5 years ago, I was wandering aimlessly around Southern Missouri and found a thing in the middle of nowhere to sleep under. It felt safe. It was an early summer morning and I was startled awake when it got light. A human! I made my most threatening noise that I could. It worked!

The human jumped in the thing I was sleeping under, which I later found out was called a “truck.” Apparently the human had been cutting Thistle from his pasture the day before and had left the truck out there. He couldn’t see me so the truck made noise, then it moved a little bit, then stopped. I looked up and I saw the human looked back at me. He called to me. He seemed nice and I was so hungry and itchy, and just downright defeated.

I followed the truck up to the house. The human went in and much to my surprise, he had lots of food to share. He got me a bowl of food and I was starving! He got me some water also. I spent the whole day with the human out in the pasture. Then a female human came to the house and the humans talked and they seemed to agree to letting me stay. But they did not let me in the house because they have other dogs. They said I had a lot of things that made me itchy. So I stayed on the front porch that night.

The next day the male human gave me what he called “a tick dip,” then pulled hundreds of ticks from me and gave me a bath. He got all the itchies off of me! He told me I still could not go with the other dogs yet, so I stayed on the front porch again. I wanted to go in the house but I was just happy he wanted me to stay.

The male human had to work the next day so he left and when he got home, he couldn’t find me. I was nowhere in sight!  He seemed pretty bummed because he had just made my vet appointment and was ready to let me in the house. To his surprise and delight, I met him at the door with the rest of our family. 🙂 I had climbed the fence into the backyard and in thru the doggy door. The rest is history.

I try really hard to be a good boy for him. Since he found me that day, we have taken 3 years of obedience classes and got our CGC. I have competed in both AKC and UKC Rally events and have Rally Novice titles in both. I passed my Delta Society therapy dog certification and is working on becoming a READ dog thru Intermountain Therapy Dogs so I can assist children read books.

I love doing all my rallies and therapy work but the best part of my life? I’m my person Joe’s very bestest friend.

Parent: Joe