Otis, Winston-Salem, NC

My name is Otis. My parents found me chained to my dog house in April of 2008.

The people who were suppose to take care of me before, never did. I won’t talk about how I got so many scars on my face and body or why those people moved away and left me behind to die, alone. I don’t even know how long I had been there without food or water. I ate all of the twigs and leaves that I could reach.

Everything and everyone were gone. My body was weak and my will to live had faded. I had come to accept the fact that no one was coming for me.

Then one night I saw a light pointing towards me and heard a sweet voice. I tried to get up and walk toward it but my legs would not move. The sweet voice I heard would become, “My Karen.” My Karen began to cry and tell me that I was not staying here anymore.

She picked me up and carried me to her car. She took me to a warm house where I met another girl who I would end up calling, “My Keely.” They wrapped me in blankets and laid on the floor with me.

I wanted to stay with them forever but I didn’t know if I was strong enough. I was so tired and cold.

In the morning, they took me to a nice doctor. I heard him say that I weighed about 20 pounds and was full of worms. He seemed very concerned that I was so sick and felt that it may be best to let me go to Rainbow Bridge. My Karen and Keely would not have it! On the way home, they kept asking me to stay with them. I wanted to but didn’t know if I would be able.

Over the next several weeks, My Karen and Keely took care of me. They carried me outside to use the restroom since I was too weak to walk. They fed me small meals and water that My Keely called Pedialyte. She said it would make me feel better. I slowly started meeting other dogs that would later become my family. They all gave me kisses and told me that I would be alright.

When I started feeling better, I would wobble over to wherever My Karen and Keely were. I only wanted them to hold me and tell me that I could stay here forever. They gave me lots of kisses and love.

I remember being so happy the day they handed me a soft toy and told me that I could play with it. I had never had a toy. I carried it everywhere.

I slowly started noticing that my hair was growing back. Maybe it was because of the lotion that My Keely would rub on me every night. She would give me kisses and tell me that I would always be beautiful, even without hair.

As time went by, I got stronger. I could walk on my own even though my legs don’t bend like they should. My Karen and Keely say it’s because I have Arthritis. I can play with my big brothers, Milo and Nikon. Sometimes they don’t run as fast so that I can keep up.

I’m so happy with my life now and I love my family. My Karen and Keely love me so much! They tell everyone I’m such a sweet baby and that they’re so glad to have me in their lives.

My Keely weighed me the other day and said that I’m 67 pounds now! My family said that I don’t ever have to remember what my life was like before them.

Thank you for reading my story!

Otis Simmons-Greene

Parents: Karen & Keely