Orlando, Carlisle, PA

Hi! I’m Orlando and I’m a pit bull!

I was a drop off at Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control and I have scars all over my legs and head. Nobody knows what happened to me and what the scars are from but that didn’t stop the volunteers there to work hard in teaching me manners and getting me adopted.

I have two “Pen Pals” — volunteers that work with the dogs on manners and socialization — and one of them would post adorable pictures of me every time she visited me at the shelter. Well it worked!

I was at the shelter for 31 days when this woman heard about me on Facebook. She was planning on adding another dog to her home but didn’t think it would be this soon. When she saw all my awful scars and how skinny I was, she knew I was meant for her family. She wanted to heal me, fatten me up and make me feel loved.

So her husband and her drove 2.5 hours to Philadelphia ACC with their two dogs and baby bundled up in the car to meet me! Our meet went well and she drove back the next day to pick me up after I was neutered. That was August 2011 and she became my Mommy!

I love my fur siblings (two rescued boxers) and I just ADORE my human sister! I joined my forever family near my human sister’s first birthday and we are the best of friends!! I sleep in her bed with her every night. 🙂

My mommy says I’ve grown inside and out and I constantly amaze her. She has no problem having a pit bull with a questionable background around her baby because she knows how gentle I am.

A big thank you to Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team and the Pen Pals program for working so hard at saving my life and countless others! Without them, I may not be here, getting a second chance at life with my forever family.

No one knows my past, my scars are awful but I love being a part of my family and always will be now. ♥


Parent: Heather