Odie, Oak Harbor, WA

Hi! My name is Odie. My first year of life wasn’t the nicest one. I was misunderstood a lot.

You see, the people that had me didn’t know that I needed exercise. They used to leave me all alone without toys or anything to keep me busy and they also didn’t walked me or took proper care of me.

Lucky for me, Happy Tails Happy Homes found out about me and decided to help me. When they met me, I was almost 1 year old and I have never played or had any toys to play with. They took me to a foster home. I was nervous and my foster mommy tells me now that she was nervous too because this was her first time fostering a dog — and a pit bull at that!

My foster family already had a dog. Her name was Tasha and she taught me so many wonderful things. She is like my big sister. When I first got to their house, I was very afraid of men and I just didn’t trust anyone, but they didn’t give up on me. There was this miniature human and her mom that loved me and showed me how to trust again. Natalia, the tiny human, was 2 years old then. She was so tender and was never afraid of me, and I liked that.

Slowly I started trusting humans and understanding that life is good. However, things didn’t turn out to be perfect. My foster family saw that I was limping a lot. I was afraid they would give up on me and give me away…but the total opposite happened. They talked to the rescue and told them that they want to adopt me!! 🙂 Oh, I was so very happy.

They had the vet check out why I was limping. The vet told them that I have very bad knees and that I will eventually need surgery on both knees. So far I had one surgery done and it wasn’t fun at all but my family stood by my side — literally! My mommy even slept on the floor with me for one week.

It has being a year since my surgery. The vet tells us that when my other knee goes out, they will have to do surgery on that one too. 🙁 That’s not fun.

I wonder if I would’ve had a different puppyhood maybe things were different? Anyway, there is nothing I could do about that. Now let me tell you about my life.

I get plenty of balls and toys to chew on. Mommy got very upset when I chewed her shoes so i decided to stick with the balls and toys that she gives me. Since i came to this house I have never destroyed anything (expect her shoes, hehe).

My human sister keeps me very busy and we play a lot. I think she sees me as her big brother. She dresses me up. She goes and hides somewhere in the house and mommy lets me go and I go and find her. When I find her mommy gives me a treat. I love treats.

When my human sister doesn’t play with me I play with my dog sister Tasha or I play with my human papa. Did I tell you that they taught me how to swim? I LOVE swimming!! Too bad Tasha doesn’t swim, and she’s a labrador. I don’t understand why she doesn’t like to swim — I think is a girl thing. 🙂

I get spoiled a lot. I also get plenty of exercise. We either go swimming, for a bike ride, walk or on the rainy days I get on the treadmill. My mommy and papa keep me busy and I love it. Mommy also worked with me and trained me, and I passed my Good Canine Citizen test. My family was so proud of me.

Since I’ve been here mommy has fostered more pit bulls. One of them is “Monster” Christian who was adopted and now lives with his big brother, “Monster” Bodie. (Christian is the grey pup with the big grin between me and Tasha!) I like all of them. I get sad when they get adopted but soon after that we foster another one. I guess there are a lot of dogs out there that need help and a foster home.

For the last year, I have noticed something different though. We haven’t gotten new dogs and mommy looks like she is always hiding a HUGE watermelon under her shirt! I keep hearing ”the new baby will be here soon” and I don’t know what it means but everyone is excited so I am too. I guess mommy is taking a break from fostering. She looked big and very uncomfortable and I think another dog will be too much for her for now.

I know that any changes that we will encounter my family will help me to understand them and they will teach me how to properly handle those changes. I wish people wouldn’t tell my family that they need to be careful with me specially when I’m around the kids. It makes me sad.

My family defends me and they tell those people to please don’t judge without knowing the facts. Once a lady stop my mommy and told her that I should be euthanized because of who I am. That made me very sad but my mommy defended me and when we got home, she cried and hugged me and told me that she doesn’t understand why people judge so much.

I know I am forgetting so many wonderful things to share but I think this is enough. I just know that I am thankful to Happy Tails Happy Homes for saving me and placing me with my new family. I am also very thankful for my family; they love me very much and they will always love me unconditionally.


Parent: Sandra

Editor’s Note: On August 12, 2013, Odie welcomed another little human sister as part of his family. Congratulations!