Oakley, Raleigh, NC

Hi I’m Oakley, a paralyzed dog with a positive attitude that’s ready to make a difference!

The beginning of my life wasn’t good, but I’m ok with it because if those things wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t be where I am today. 🙂

I’m one strong little boy that is making a Stand against Animal Abuse. I also want to inspire other animals and humans that are different to Never Give Up! Nothing’s going to keep me down so you don’t need to let anything keep you down either.

I was an owner surrender to a local shelter in NC at the age of 8 weeks, and they were told I was born paralyzed in my back legs. Thank goodness I wasn’t there long. The shelter was a scary place. I was rescued by Friends FUR Life K-9 Rescue, and taken to the vet immediately.

I had worms, fleas, bad urine burns, and scrapes on my body. The vet did an X-ray and discovered a bullet near my spine! It was confirmed that the bullet caused my paralysis.

I was treated for everything and had a referral to go to a physical therapist. I saw the physical therapist next and was told that there is poor prognosis of me ever being able to walk again. They suggested some physical therapy to help with my flexibility, and to get me stronger to be able to get a wheelchair.

I stayed at my current foster home for a few days. Then my current foster mom said we are taking a ride to the park because there is someone very interested in meeting me. I was excited because when I meet new people treats always seem to be involved.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was on my way to meet my forever mom!

It was love at first site for both of us. My mom has fostered before and experienced a situation with a dog that was very jealous over Jasper who is now one of my brothers. Regardless of how much she worked with this dog it didn’t get better. He had to be moved to another foster home. It’s not the dog’s fault, unfortunately he wasn’t trained correctly from the beginning and as we all know old habits are hard to break. 🙁

That is why mom wanted to take me in as a foster only first. My mom says a foster to adopt program is the best for a disabled animals, well she thinks it’s best for any animal. You never know how they are going to react to the new environment.

Mom says I’m a handful, but a handful in a good way. I’m not sure what that means, but she usually gives me a grin after it so it must be good. 🙂 Mom also tells me that everything is going to be ok, and I believe her. It didn’t take me long to win my mom over. We adopted each other after a short period of time! 🙂

I now have a family that consists of mom, two brothers and a sister. Jasper and Kya didn’t like me at first — they thought I was odd because I didn’t walk on all fours like them. Instead I hopped on my bum! I’m pretty fast at it also so it can be quite shocking to see at first. I wasn’t able to walk so figured out how to get around any way I could. See how fast I can zoomie!

Ollie didn’t seem to see any difference and accepted me immediately. We have a special bond. He looks after me, and teaches me all kinds of things. I think that his acceptance made it easier for the others to do the same after a short period of time.

My mom bought me a wheelchair and that was a big adjustment. I conquered that though, and I’m really fast in it also. I’m just really fast in everything! 🙂

I’m growing fast so I will need to upgrade to a bigger one real soon. Once I’m full grown, the plan is to get me a customized one to fit my specific needs. I will probably have to go through three wheelchairs before I’m full grown. The ones that are adjustable are the best for me at this time so I can make them bigger as I get bigger.

I’m a victim of animal abuse, but I’m also a survivor. I want to make a difference for others so they don’t have to endure neglect, or going without because of something they couldn’t control.

My mom had no idea how much animal abuse there was until I came into her life and opened her world to it. She’s a huge animal lover, and if she didn’t know about it then there are so many others that don’t. We are going to let everyone know about it so they know what to do when they see it. It has to stop and mom is going to be my voice so we can make a difference together.

Mom and I were meant to find each other. We make a great team! We are determined to make a difference. We know that we can’t change it for all, but we will definitely change it for some.

I want you to be a part of my team! The more people that we can get to be a part of this the bigger impact we will have. Please come like my Facebook page, Bulletproof Oakley, to follow my journey and be a part of making a difference.


Parent: Kristie

Professional photos by InBetween the Blinks Photography