Nugget, Halifax, PA

My name is Nugget. I am a Spunky Pittie Girl.

I invaded the hearts of many at the small, poor shelter I called home for many months in Marion County, South Carolina. So many people wanted to see me find a good home and they advocated day and night for me.

After a long search and pardons from death they found a FUR-ever home for me. There are so many names to mention but Lee, Diane, Jen and Kristin (etc) really saved my life because they never stopped looking for a place I could settle down in! Their hard work paid off.

I was so excited!

Then bad news struck. My new family’s mom lost her job and they called to let my advocates know she just couldn’t take me any longer and make a financial commitment right now. My new family was so sad and so was I!

Although they couldn’t take me permanently, since I had no where else to go they said they could foster me for a while until we found my FUR-ever home. This gave me hope!!! FINALLY I was getting out of the shelter and was going to Pennsylvania!

The car ride was RUFF. I got sick on the way home and my Guardian Angel Lee called my foster mom to tell her I was just ripe smelling. YUCK my foster mom said, but she was prepared to bathe me anyways.

I arrived in Pennsylvania and the most awesome man I have ever seen took my leash and got me out of the crate. He was magnificent and I admit, I had instant puppy love for that man. I now call him Daddy! He was so kind to me and even better, he smelled like treats and gave me and my co-riders some. He and my foster mom packed me up and we drove another hour to a place I call home. Well, I showed them my appreciation and loved on them, kissed them and was such a good girl. I wasn’t feeling that well though and was pretty warm to the touch, so they took me to the vet the next day to make sure I was OK.

That’s when my new journey began of ups and downs.

I was poked and prodded and flipped and twisted. Good news ā€” I didn’t have worms in my stool. I don’t even own a stool, but that’s what they said. šŸ™

Bad news – my urine was clear, I was leaking urine everywhere and I couldn’t stop it, I was heartworm positive and I had a bump on my leg that they were examining. My foster mom cried because she just met me but she didn’t want to see me sick. So, I went and laid by her feet to try and make her feel better. The doctor gave me some medicine and sent me on my way with a very concerned look on her face.

I was set up for heartworm treatment. I did the first round in April, had to wait a month and did rounds 2 and 3 back to back in May. Foster mommy said I can start running and playing soon! I was told I could not exercise at all until July, but I’m just a puppy and I want to RUN now. I cry when I’m not allowed to. “Soon, Nuggie,” my mom always says! I have so much energy now that I’m starting to feel better! Anyways, my Guardian Angel paid to have my heartworm treated and we’re so hopeful that it did the trick!

Want to know how awesome I am? The lump on my leg…POOF! Gone. No one can explain why! One minute they are talking cancer, the next…they can’t find it. Haha! You didn’t know I was magic! That made my foster mommy smile!!! FINALLY some good news.

Well, I told you in the beginning that I was leaking. My leaking continues to get worse every day. My parents had diapers made for me…they aren’t helping. They bought disposable ones…they don’t work. I am leaking water constantly and I just cannot control it. Something very serious is going on, the doctor said.

I go back in to the doctor on June 20th for a case study work up. They think I have ectopic ureters, something I was born with and it’s getting worse. Basically there is nothing stopping my urine from coming right back out once it goes in. But they need to do a significant amount of testing to be sure. My doctor said if I do have ectopic ureters and she is 99 percent sure I do based on my condition, I need surgery to fix it and I will be referred to a specialist. If it is not ectopic ureters, I have to be referred to Internal Medicine.

My parents call me a foster-fail because they want to keep me FUR-EVER. They have fallen head over heels for me.

The good news is that I had so many people pulling for me and so many guardian angels!!! While I didn’t raise enough to cover my whole surgery, my mom and dad are going to hold some doggie washes and charity events and basically sell anything they don’t need to make sure I have this surgery! Because at the end of the day, it broke my parents heart to think that I would ever go somewhere where they weren’t (they were going to try and adopt me out to someone who could better financially take care of me)….and fact is, it broke mine too. I love my family and I belong here!

I am the best doggie in the world and I want my happy ending. I just want to feel better and not have to wear diapers and I want to play!!!! I love to play!

I also want to share a little something called “The Pit Bull Promise” (written by Mommy & me):

I WILL love you, I WILL kiss you constantly, I will give you an extremely sad face when I do something wrong, don’t bother buying socks because I will take them all and eat them, I have a short attention span ~SQUIRREL! I am a lap dog because in my mind I weigh 2 pounds. I am a bed hog, I snore, I cry like Chewbacca and I just want to be the best I can for YOU. I am not scary, I am PAWSOME. ā™„

Thank you so much to everyone for wanting to know about little old me. BIG SLOBBERY KISSES TO YOU ALL!

Nugget ā™„ā™„

p.s. Don’t forget to check out my rescue initiative: The Golden Pittie Rescue!

Parent: Tammy