Myles, Austin, TX

Hey! I’m Myles – Cleft Lip / Split Nose Puppy and I’m a wonder dog!

On January 15th, 2014, I found myself in an Urgent Shelter in Fort Worth, TX, at just 8 weeks of age. I had a cleft lip and a split nose, but that didn’t stop one person to wanting to love me. She called me a little tiny bundle of joy and to her, I was special!

She became my Momma and brought me home. But that first night, she knew something was wrong: I walked in circles and cried for hours! The next 2 days were really rough. I continuously screamed in pain and walked in circles…she had no idea how much our lives were about to change.

She immediately contacted her vet to have me checked out. I had a umbilical hernia the size of a golf ball and it needed repair right away. I stayed at the vet’s for 2 days where they ran blood tests and got my umbilical hernia fixed. While I was there, the medical team supervised me, and they noted that I was different.

Just how different was the biggest question. They told her the heartbreaking news, that I probably have neurological problem.

Her heart wasn’t breaking because I was different; it broke because she saw an innocent puppy at just 8 weeks old with a road of uncertainty, and she didn’t know how long she would have me or if I would be in any pain. She just wanted to help me, but she didn’t know how.

So we went home, and while we took a nap, my mom told me it would be okay. She looked at the little stitches on my tiny tummy, the look I gave her when I was trying to stay awake and then gave in and fell asleep in her arms. I was safe, and she was going to make sure I always was.

A few weeks later, my umbilical hernia came back and now had a hiatal hernia that needed repair also. I got the repair I needed, and we thought we were on course for a stable life and my mom worked with me on my walking, my commands, and walking on a lease.

We went to Texas A&M hoping I would be the match for a neurological study, but quickly found out my condition was so rare they had only had experience with me, and the study never came to be. 🙁

Then in February, I went on to see a wonderful Neurologist at Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital where I received my MRI with LOTS of help from my online community. If it weren’t for them, we would know nothing.

It was discovered that only part of my brain had actually formed and I probably had what’s called a storage disease. This disease could be diagnosed with a bio-organic acid test and a spinal tap, which my mom opted out of because not only was there risk of paralysis, it would only tell us I had a storage disease, not which one.

We learned that the disease is not known to be fatal, the disease itself cannot kill me. However, but it may cause me to deteriorate and my quality of life would be questioned. We do not know how long I will be here — I am the youngest and only living dog known to my vets to ever have this since most are put to sleep.

Today, at almost 11 months old, I am learning, I’m happy and healthy. To keep tab on my condition, we have regular check-ups scheduled. I’ve had my hernia repaired a couple times now and we have been surgery-free almost 3 months now (knock on wood!!).

I also have nystagmus in my right eye which causes involuntary movement and inability to use it correctly. Oh, and my front right leg isn’t used much unless it’s there to break my fall. Didn’t I tell you I’m special? 🙂

While I still have issues with walking and falling, and learning, I’ve made an INCREDIBLE improvement. I’ve learned to walk on a leash, to sit, to lay down, and just recently shocked Momma by using the staircase — something in a million years she never thought would happen.

I am the happiest dog ever! I love to play, I love to snuggle, I love to love and be loved in return! 🙂 We even got a signed letter from the vet that I am not aggressive!*

Momma said there is nothing wrong with me; I just do things differently. She also says I am wonderful!

So that’s my story. I’m Myles, a wonder dog and I’m special, because I’m special to my mom. She told me that she loves me more than anything, and nothing in the world can stop me!


p.s. I also have a sister, Gypsy, Cleft Lip & Split Nose Puppy. Yup! She’s kinda like me! 🙂 She is awesome! She follows me around, she loves being my little sister and is teaching me new things every day!

*The vet’s letter was simply written so I may continue to enjoy living at home. We were told months ago that they would not accept “aggressive breeds” in the neighborhood. Since I a pitbull mix, or whatever they deem aggressive, my vet had to write a letter of recommendation.

Breed discrimination is not cool! If they would just get to know me, they’d see that I am just a happy, playful little guy who just loves everyone!

Parent: Kasiann