Mr. Brown, Los Angeles, CA

Hi! My name is Mr. Brown. My foster dad gave me that name because I look like the Cleveland Browns mascot (I’ve never watched football so I wouldn’t know, but I like it! :-)).

I wandered into their driveway back in September and I did not look good at all. I had a very bad case of mange – I have many spots that had no hair, like my bald tail. And I was filthy!! All that dirt from roaming the street, not to mention all the fleas! They took one look at me and decided to open their home to me, a sad, depressed dog.

First order of business is to clean me up. I took my first bath and a large patch of hair on my back fell out. They looked me over and noticed that I was missing a canine entirely, the other three were filed flat and some teeth were broken, leaving me defenseless on the street. I had callouses on my elbows, ankles and private area, which could be caused by being caged or kenneled on a concrete floor most of my life.

What’s worse is I felt very depressed. I didn’t lift my head to look at my foster parents. I wouldn’t wag my tail when people talked to me, and because I was used to being hurt, I stood as though preparing for abuse. I didn’t understand that these humans are loving people who are trying to help me.

But I love the camera, which is another reason my foster mom believed I was used as a breeder, not a bait dog or a fighter. I also know commands like sit and up, which again shows possible training from a breeder to show a potential breeder mixer or puppy buyer.

Besides the obvious visual, mental and emotional neglect I suffered, I am a relatively healthy and strong boy. My foster parents fed me Blue Wilderness for 8  months and the healthy diet helped me feel a lot better. They can’t afford the good stuff anymore so now I eat Eukanuba – the dry one, which sometimes hurts my teeth but I still like to eat it, especially when someone feeds me from their hand!

My foster parents gave me my favorite toy, a Kong ball. They throw it and I retrieve it, but I just keep it in my mouth and play that way. They’re trying to teach me to drop the ball to keep playing, but I’m nervous the game will stop!

My foster dad has a two-year-old German Shorthair/pit mix named Mr. Wankel. He’s very energetic and I didn’t know how to interact with other dogs so we didn’t see much of each other in the beginning. I’m generally very submissive and non-aggressive, but I got defensive once when I thought Mr. Wankel was going to take my Kong ball. We had a scuffle (I got bit on the neck, Mr. Wankel on his ear and leg — no puncture wounds on him because my teeth are flat). It was a one-time incident (and I’m getting better with Mr. Wankel) but my foster parents kept us separated by a gate and no toys are allowed.

One of my favorite times was when my foster mom’s nieces and nephews (7, 8 and 12) came to visit. The 7-year-old girl and I played with my Kong ball, and I played really nicely with her – I let her take the ball from my mouth whenever she wanted. (She’s just a wee little girl and I know I need to play nice with the little humans. :-))

My foster parents have kept me since they found me because they don’t know much about how to go about finding a rescue for me to go to. They took care of me and fixed me up, even considered keeping me but with Mr. Wankel and their financial situations, it is not the best home for me (they wish it were).

They don’t have enough money for vetting, so I have not been neutered, checked for a chip, heartworms or any diseases. They are also worried that if they had me checked at a shelter, I would be kept there, and maybe even put back in my bad home. They just want me to have a good home, so here’s my stat:

  • I’m a happy boy and I gain more and more natural energy and happiness (I love walks on a leash and I do zoomies when I get excited!)
  • I’m a submissive boy who’d roll over for some belly rub but I’m also an observant guard dog
  • I’m not too keen on cats so my foster parents would recommend a home without cats
  • Oh, and I don’t like bugs at all (roaches, spiders…none of those!)

My eyes are bright and overflowing with love and I’ve been told I’m a real beauty, inside and out. I’m learning how to just be a normal dog. My coat is shiny and the hair started growing back on my calloused elbows and ankles – I even got new hair growing on my bald tail. 🙂

I’m ready for the next phase of my life, a forever home with a couch to sleep in and someone to give all my love.

~Mr. Brown aka Brownie

Update: Sadly, Mr. Brown passed away in December 2015 to cancer. From his foster fail parents:

“Brownie had a cancer diagnosis and a few weeks into recovery from the spleen removal he developed internal bleeding in December 2015 and passed on. He spent his final years living with us, mostly on the couch and getting spoiled with alot of love by us, his foster fail parents. We loved him and cherished every moment we had together. Thank you.”