Mr. B, Germantown, MD

Hello! My name is Mr. B!

I used to be called Brinx by my former owners. And one day they dropped me off at the Washington Humane Society saying they could no longer care for me. 🙁

At the time I was a bit overweight and was very confused about being in this new place. I started to lose weight because of stress.

Being both deaf and an elderbull (and a very nice gentleman!), I quickly became a staff favorite. I got to spend lots of time in the office and nice people would bring me special treats. And another big surprise: I was neutered and had my teeth cleaned! 🙂

Soon I moved into foster mom’s house. She was a very nice lady with four dogs of her own. This was much better than the shelter!

Not long after foster mom got an email from the lady who would become my forever mom. A few days later I met her and two of her dogs, and we got along great! I was sad to see them leave but by the end of the week, forever mom was back to take me to my new home!

I now live with seven humans, 4 dogs, and a fish! Since moving into my forever home, I learned how to climb onto the sofa and bed — at first with the help of special dog stairs and then all by myself! I am very food-motivated and know signs for sit, down, stay, come, no, up, and good!

There are fun toys and bones and treats here, and a yard where I can run around or lay in the sun. I have collars, bow ties, bandanas, sweaters, and even custom-made pajamas for when it’s cold and my legs hurt.

Mom says she’ll never understand why I was given up but she’s happy that I’m now part of the family. I’m glad too!

~ Mr. B

p.s. You can follow my adventures on my Facebook page where I promote the awesomeness of pit bulls, especially those who are extra special like me! Oh, and I pop up here and there in Mom’s blog, Queen’s Pits!

Parent: Theresa

Editor’s Note: On January 7th, we received news of his passing from his mom. “Mr B passed away around 3 am. He was with 4 of his human family members plus a wonderful vet and vet tech. He was truly a gift and touched so many lives. We are absolutely heartbroken.”

Thank you, Theresa, for giving this sweet elderbull the best years of his life.