Molly, Charleston, WV

Hi! My name is Molly. I’m an adopted Pit Bull.

I showed up at a family’s house in Boone County, West Virginia as a stray. At least that’s what everybody thought I was. The family kept me for a couple of days before they took me to the pound, because they wanted to give me a little bit of a chance. They took me the day after Euth day.

Usually dogs aren’t kept there any longer than 5 days. It’s rare, but I was the exception. The dog warden didn’t like Pit Bulls but I changed his mind. He said I was nice and I deserved a good home, so he let me stay there for over a month.

I was miserable. I spent 30 days on a hard, cold, concrete floor with a male dog. Oh yeah, and I wasn’t fixed at the time..

The dog warden actually did some research on me while I was there. I had a rabies tag that was registered in Kanawha County, West Virginia, so he called all the vet’s office over there. He found the one I had my shots at, and got in contact with my previous owners. They said that they had given me away to somebody in Boone County.

After being in touch with my other owners from Boone County, they said that they would be there to get me the next day. That day went by, and the next, and a few more. They never showed. 🙁

Then there was this woman who had never had a Pit Bull before. She had never really thought about the breed much. She wasn’t afraid of them; She  started seeing all the news stories just like everybody else and she didn’t believe that a dog could be born vicious. So she decided to do some research and after she read around some she decided to adopt one. Then she saw my picture on Facebook.

It had hundreds of shares, but nobody stepped up. Everybody was commenting on my picture saying what a good dog I was, but they couldn’t take me because I was cat aggressive. A group of dogs from the shelter were taken to a rescue in a different state, but a few other dogs and I had to stay behind because the rescue was in a place with BSL.

I was afraid for my life. After all, I was in a high kill pound in Southern West Virginia.

My time was up soon and she knew she needed to help me. She was still debating about it until she saw the picture of Jagger from I’m Not A Monster:

“My scars tell the story of where I’ve been. They don’t dictate where I’m going.” Once she read that, she knew she couldn’t leave me there.

Mom adopted me on August 9, 2012. She met with a volunteer from the pound and picked me up. I was so happy to get out of there!

When I was first introduced to the other two dogs of the house, it didn’t go so well. They’re both Chihuahuas, and one of them didn’t like me at all. Mom said not to take it personally because she doesn’t like a lot of people or dogs. 🙂

I stayed in a room by myself with mom for a while. It didn’t take her long to notice my scars. I have one that looks like a burn on my side, a few on my legs, some on my neck, and some in my mouth. She noticed my paw too; My back foot looks like it’s been smashed with something heavy.

I don’t remember much of my past, just that I wasn’t wanted by a few people. It doesn’t bother me; I’m living the life of luxury now, and it didn’t even take long for the Chihuahuas to fall in love with me. Oh I forgot to tell you, my mom also has 3 cats and we get along just fine. 🙂

I’m doing more than that though. Anybody that doesn’t have a working thyroid knows how much of a struggle that is. Mom had hers removed in 2010 because it was cancerous. Since August of 2012, I’ve been her best friend. Through the mood swings, the depression, the anxiety, and the breakdowns. The ups and downs, the laughs and tears. I’ve been here.

We’re doing the best we’ve ever been, and we want to share it with everyone! Mom says I never have to worry about anything anymore.

I go lots of places with my mom now and we change at least one person’s mind every time. We’ve also joined the fight against BSL and I hope you’ll join us!

I’m Molly the Pit Bull, I’m an adopted Pit Bull and I’m on a mission!

Thank you so much for reading my story!

God Bless,

Parent: Ally