Molly, Buffalo, NY

Hi! My name is Molly Henderson, aka Miss Molly. I live with my family in a suburb of Buffalo, NY. I am a rescued doggy and a very grateful one. 🙂

No one knows about my life before I was picked up off the streets of Rochester, NY, in late April, 2011. The RAS (Rochester Animal Services) took me to their shelter. I was in bad shape and emaciated. You could see all my ribs. They said I was about 8 to 10 months old. I had on no collar and I had no name. A shelter is not a good place for any pit bull breed of dog. We get put down faster than any other breeds, often within hours of coming in. And people are afraid to adopt us, no matter how friendly we are.

Lucky for me, Pitty Love Rescue (PLR) saw something in me that deemed I be saved and the shelter gave them the weekend to find me a foster.

Monday came. I was still alive but didn’t know for how much longer. I didn’t know at the same time a lady saw my picture on Facebook. They were looking for a new furry family member. She had been doing research on dog breeds and had decided an American Pit Bull Terrier was the breed for them. When she saw my photo she commented right away, and Jenn from PLR talked her through what to do. Luckily, someone from PLR lived nearby this family and that night she did a house and family check on them. They got approved and it turned out they didn’t want to foster me. They wanted to ADOPT me! As in forever! 🙂

After PLR got me out of the shelter, I went to a foster mom in Rochester to decompress after living in such a stressful environment. My forever home had kitties so I had to be kitty tested. So they took me to a home with kitties and I licked a kitty. I passed the test!

They also started calling me Molly. I had a name now! I found out my forever Mom picked that name for me in honor of her BFF who had recently sent her some money to help Mom with something sad and painful: The loss of Mom’s long time kitty companion, Chester. He died the same day I went there to live. Mom told me Chester knew it was his time to pass so that Mom could devote all her time taking care of me. Someday I will get to meet him!

Then things started getting bad again. Seemed like I couldn’t catch a break. I started feeling sick. I was throwing up and having diarrhea. I had parvo. I picked it up at the shelter — probably because my immune system was down: I was still emaciated, had just been spayed and given lots of vaccines.

My foster mom, Sharon, and PLR took me to their vet and I got around the clock care and medicine. I HAD to pull through — I had a forever home to go to! PLR set up a chip-in and people who didn’t even know me sent money to help with the vet bills.

Through it all they kept in contact with my forever mom. They said what a wonderful “lady” I was and that I was very sweet and loved to give the staff at the vet hospital kisses. I got better in a few days and got to go home with my foster mom, Sharon, to recover more.

Finally, on May 20th, Jenn from PLR picked me up from my foster mom Sharon. She drove half way to Buffalo, NY and then she stopped and another lady, Kerri, from PLR, took me and we drove the rest of the way.

We pulled into a driveway and I saw three people in the driveway. But when I got out of the car I found a tennis ball! A toy right away! I trotted up with Kerri (Mom said I swagger and lope, not trot. LOL!) and then I saw my forever Mom and the two who were to be my girl and my older boy. I met my doggy brother, Sten. Then we went inside. I saw my forever Dad then, my younger boy and my kitty brothers, Boo and Tigger. I was so excited!!

My forever grandmother was kind of worried my family had adopted me. She heard all the bad things about pit bulls. Mom and Dad told her it wasn’t true; that we are great dogs and it was the fault of bad people who made their dogs fight and be mean, by how they raised them and treated them. When she met me, I was sure to give her lots of kisses and wag my tail a lot! She fell in love with me and she realized that pit bull breeds ARE good doggies!

I love my family so much and they love me. My doggy brother is a tiny guy and so are the kitties and I have never hurt them. In fact, I have never shown any aggression at all in all the time I have been here.

I love to play. During the summer, I love the hose, my pool, the bog pool and just running like crazy in the yard! And I love to play catch and tug of war. I get so many hugs, kisses, nice baths and getting my fur brushed all the time.

Sometimes Mom and my girl hug me and start to cry. I lick their faces. They cry because of how close I came to dying because I am called a pit bull. They cry for all the dogs that don’t get forever homes and they cry sometimes they say, “Because we love you so much, Molly.” Mom calls me, “My younger daughter wearing a doggy suit.”

I am always trying to get my doggy brother, Sten, to play with me, even when he wants to be left alone. (Oops!) But I usually have one of my family to play with me. And I sleep in the bed with my forever Mom and Dad every night. I snuggle with them and they snuggle with me.

I give my family, and whoever comes over, loads of hugs and kisses. I love people so much. I am even good when we go to the vet. They always tell people they are never afraid of me. They say if they think I got something in my mouth they think nothing of opening my mouth and putting their hands in. LOL! They put their noses right up to mine so I can kiss them!

I love going for walks and I am always nice to people and other doggies I meet. I also love to go to pet stores with Mom and Dad — I get nice collars, leashes, toys, harnesses, treats, good food and even clothes!

It’s funny when some people meet me they don’t realize what breed I am until they ask. People aren’t even sure what REAL pit bulls look like. My ears aren’t cut, and I haven’t been given steroids and over-exercised like the dogs they see on TV that were raised to fight other dogs or to be outside guard/attack dogs. I am a regular looking pit bull. My family calls me a “kiss bull.”

Now, I try to help other animals on Facebook. I have my own page, Good Golly Miss Molly, that Mom does for me along with my girl and another of Mom’s BFF. I try to be the best breed ambassador I can.

We show the sweet, cuddly, mushy, funny and smart side of pit bull type dogs! We try to help animals that have been abused, deserted, that are in shelters, need vet care, etc. I like that I can help back now!!!

Parent: Kristy