Mojo, Mount Holly, NJ

My name is Mojo. I was just another stray dog on death row in New York City until my Toots saw my picture and fell in love with me. When I came to live with my Toots, I didn’t know nothing about how to be a good dog. I didn’t know what a collar was, and my tags scared me at first, and I even ate a door one time!! But now I’ve learned a bunch of great things, like walking on a leash, and how to sit and come and lay down when I’m told to, and best of all I’m learning how to help my Toots live a better life!

See, my Toots has Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition that often makes her weak and in pain all over her whole body. When I came to live with her, she had just been officially diagnosed and she was really sad because of it. Even though she had been sick for a long time, she had tried to keep it a secret and hide it from people, but by the time I came along she couldn’t hide it anymore. A lot of people didn’t know how to handle her illness and they treated her not-so-good, and then she started having a lot of trouble doing the things she loved, like dancing and being in a band. It was so sad to see her hurting so much…

But I knew I could help, I just had to prove it to her!! I learned how to tell when she was in pain, and when she’s hurting really bad I’ll bark at her until she goes and lies down to rest. But I knew I could be more help than that, so I barked and barked and barked, you know, to try and tell her I could help, but she didn’t understand. Then a really nice trainer suggested walking me with a backpack full of water bottles to help exercise me and tire me out and I finally had my chance! I showed my Toots how good and helpful I could be by carrying that backpack everywhere she’d let me and acting real excited whenever she asked if I wanted my backpack. I knew if I could just show her how strong and reliable I am she would figure it out – because my Toots is very smart, you see – and she DID figure it out!

Now I’m training as a Mobility Assistance Service Dog for my Toots. I’ve already learned how to stay still so she can brace against my back to get off the ground, and I carry things in my special backpack that has special patches on it, and I get to go places other dogs aren’t allowed to go, like grocery stores and the pharmacy. Even though, by law, I can be considered a service dog already, I’m still trying to learn new things to help my Toots. I’m learning how to pick things up and give them to her, and how to pull a wagon to help her go shopping. My Toots says I’m super special because not every dog gets to do these things, but I think I’m super special because I get to be with her.

One day soon I hope to have my Canine Good Citizen Certificate and I want to become a certified therapy dog so I can share all my pibble wiggles and smiles with other people. Oh yeah, and in case you didn’t know, “pibble” is another word for “pit bull”, which is what I am. My Toots tells me that some people are scared of pibbles, and I think that’s silly! I don’t understand how they can think they know so much about me from a word when none of them have ever sniffed my butt or played with me. But it’s ok, me and Toots are gonna show them all. We’re gonna lead by example.

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Parent: Mae