Moagley, Albany, NH

Hi! I’m Moagley Pibbles but you can call me Moags!

I was born Oct. 12 2009, a puppy in an unplanned litter. One by one the other puppies went away and there I was, the last one in the litter. No one seemed to want me.

I was told that the human who had my mom and dad had substance abuse issue. They gave me this thing called beer to drink. I never liked it because it often made me sick. 🙁

Then one day, when I was four months old, the human in my home brought me to her work to meet this nurse. The nurse fell in love and brought me to her home. I was very scared in this new place. I stayed on the couch curled in a ball as much as I could at first, but then I became curious. What I found when I took a risk was a loving family waiting to play with me, sleep with me and love me!

I didn’t think I was an easy thing to love — nobody wanted me, remember? And because of all the beer that was given to me, it took about a month for my stomach to settle. I would often get sick, but my family would take care of me and make me feel better. That was when I learned what it feels like to be loved!

I wish every dog could have the same — loving family to call your own — because we all deserve to be loved. I help Mom foster rescue dogs from New York. I show them that it is OK here, that they do not need to be scared and that play is fun! Treats are plenty, toys abound!

Mom often told people what she loves most about me is my willingness to accept any foster my family bring in, guiding them and acting as a doggy role model. (I can’t believe she said that. I thought what she loves most about me is my good looks! BOL!)

By the way, she just told me that this new guy is a foster failure but that’s OK with me. That means he gets to stay and I won’t be the only boy anymore.

I have three sisters and one foster sister!  (One of them you may know because she has a Facebook page: From Liz To Loved.) Now, when they say girls rule and boys drool…well, I won’t be drooling alone. 🙂


Parent: Cecelia