Missy, Marrieta, GA

Hi everyone! My name is Missy, but my foster mom calls me Missy Truelove.

She says she added Truelove to my name because I am a girl who by all rights should have thrown the towel in when it comes to love but I didn’t. In fact my heart is so full of love it just over flows!!

You see, I am only about 1 1/2 years old and I have had multiple litters of puppies. About two months ago, a man called Fulton County Animal Services and told them that there was a dog in his backyard with her puppies and that he wanted them picked up. That dog with puppies was me.

Fulton County took good care of me and my babies and when they were old enough to be weaned, they were put up for adoption. Everyone at Fulton County Animal Services really liked me, especially Erica. They said that I was such a nice girl and they wanted me to find a nice family that would love me. But quite frankly, having all those litters and not being fed much took its toll on me and people don’t usually come to the shelter and adopt skinny, poor-looking dogs like me.

This is where Erica steps in. She started posting about me and asking if anyone would be interested in fostering one of the sweetest dogs ever: ME! Well…when my foster mom read that post and saw my picture she knew she had to help me. So here I am! 🙂

I was a little scared at first but I am settling in. I’m spayed (no more babies for me!) and currently recovering from my heartworm procedure (I had my shots about 4 weeks ago). My foster mom says watching me heal has been very rewarding because I came to her feeling pretty low. I feel a lot better now and she is working on smoothing out some of my bad habits (she said it was obvious that my previous owner liked to wrestle with me and let me play bite).

Overall, I’m very sweet and I just want to please. I love people and I’m always so friendly when I meet new people. I’m a good-sized girl, about 40 pounds, but I’m the smallest of my “monster” pack (Bambi, Lexi and Rudy). My foster mom says I’m so cute!! 🙂

I hope I meet my forever family and that we all can live happily ever after. Thank you for reading my story!

~Missy Truelove

If you’re interested in adopting Missy, please email her foster mom Joan at jems0802@hotmail.com; she will connect you with Fulton County Animal Shelter.