Milo, Romulus, MI

Hi, I’m Milo. I am a 3-year old boxer/pit bull mix who was found as a pup with my two other siblings. Apparently we were abandoned. We were taken to a shelter downriver from Detroit. But we are the lucky ones because my two siblings were adopted and I found my forever home too!

My momma was looking for a new pal to help out her son, Brandon. My momma’s father passed away December 29th, 2008. He was not a nice man and left Brandon, then 14-year old, with memories of physical and verbal abuse. He already had developmental disabilities and suffers from chronic depression and anxiety, so it was unimaginable to know what he went through once we moved into the house. They painted and changed carpeting, but he still had problems.

My momma knew there were hundreds, if not thousands, of available adoptable pets locally needing homes, so she went to “Pet Finder” and saw a little 4-month old pit bull pup in a bee suit needing rescue from a foster in Southwest Detroit. (That was me! My foster mommy put the bee suit on me for my adoption picture. :-))

The moment Brandon took me into his arms, it was a done deal. I never left his side. He’s my boy! I am friendly, funny, and I watch over my boy closely. I love my boy very much. We played, slept, and practically ate together. My boy came out of his depression and did well in school.

Things went really well for two years. One day in November 2010, my momma took her niece’s Boxer, Cherry, for a weekend to babysit. My momma thought she was spayed and I was scheduled for neutering that Friday, but it wasn’t fast enough. Cherry went into heat and we had 8 puppies February 2011. It was all a huge misunderstanding and we’re both fixed now.

Since I was lonely and had been moping around since my pal, Bugsy (GrandPa’s mini schnauzer), passed away, my momma and my boy decided to get the only blonde brindle pup out of the litter. We named her Loki and she was a beautiful boxer/bully mix. Loki’s brothers and sisters all found homes around Cherry’s home in Romulus, MI.

Loki and I were inseparable and we were both well behaved members of our family. However, on September 4, 2011, Waterford Township police officers pulled up to our home and went directly to our fenced in yard. The two officers talked between themselves ignoring my momma’s questions, until one turned and asked what kind of dogs did she own?

My momma responded, “Boxer Bully mixes.” The same officer shook his head “no” and said, “These are Pit Bulls, the female, more than the male.” My momma was told I was safe for now, but Loki had to go!! The officer went on to say, “Waterford Township Dog Ordinance states Pit Bulls are not allowed within the township and one of your neighbors have called stating you are harboring Pit Bulls. I suggest you get rid of these dogs, because when we come back and they are still here, we will have no choice but to confiscate your dogs and take them for euthanization.”

My momma asked them how they came to the conclusion that they are Pit Bulls when the paperwork from the vet states we are Boxer Bully mixes. The officer explained that the ordinance states, “Any dog who shows characteristics of a Pit Bull” is also included, like eye color, jaw, nose color, ears, ear color, and also hair and hair color. My momma was flabbergasted!!!

All she heard was EUTHANASIA. How could they just take us away?? We had never showed aggression, are fenced in, have all current shots, I am neutered, Loki was close to the age to get spayed… Euthanized??

My momma immediately went to the internet and begged for help from rescue groups. She called, emailed, whatever she could do to get help for Loki and I. My momma then looked out our front window and thought, “A neighbor called the police. A neighbor??? Why??? I have done nothing. My pups have done NOTHING!!!” She was hurt, angered and scared.

I have never bitten anyone nor shown any aggression. Everyone who meets me sees that I am a good dog with a caring family. I love everyone!!!

Rescue groups were all full, but they asked how much time did we have? The police gave us no time frame. They played their “Fear card” and she fell right into it. The rescues asked my momma to hold tight and they would come up with something. Not one of the rescues had ever heard that this township had an anti Pit Bull ordinance. Not one. That’s how quietly this township, back in 1989, had thrown this BSL into their ordinance. My momma had lived almost all her life here and never knew there was such a rule on the books.

In the mean time, my momma was contacted by a Pro Bono lawyer who was willing to help her in court, because the police cannot just take us. The police must write my momma a ticket for breaking the ordinance code then she would have to go to court. Unfortunately, once the lawyer read the entire ordinance, she had to back out. Because of the “characteristics of…” loop hole, our fight would be in vain.

Because Loki and I are “undesirables,” they could and would confiscate us and take us for immediate euthanization. Because the police singled out Loki, my momma immediately sought help for her. We KNEW she was not pittie because her mommy is Cherry, a boxer. But the police men didn’t care. Also, DNA testing would not help: The “characteristics” makes DNA null and void even though the test cannot be used in legal fights.

We went for days without help, because so many fosters are full. Luckily, a wonderful organization called “Better Life Canine Center” came forward and found emergency foster home for her so my momma could save my daughter’s life. She left us and I am very sad.

I have a Kong Wubba toy that I used to play tug-o-war with her, but since she left, I have not touched it. My momma tried to get me to play with it, but I don’t feel like it — I just sigh and lay down because my Loki isn’t here to play it with me. My momma had nightmares that she heard my Loki crying until we saw pictures of her in her new foster home all happy. She is in a safe place with wonderful people.

At that moment my momma decided she could not take me away from my boy and she would fight tooth and nail to keep us together no matter what it took. My boy do well with me by his side: I keep my boy calm when things are bad and I re-direct my boy when he is angered or frustrated. I lay on my boy when he’s sick and I cry when my boy leaves for school. No Breed Specific Law or legislation is going to take me away from my family. I did nothing wrong, I’m well behaved, and my momma says I have saved my boy from suicide.

My momma became an avid supporter of fighting BSL and educating people that Pittie breeds and mixes are not bad….owners who don’t train us right are bad. My momma now belongs to a local Pit Bull anti-BSL group and also to other anti-BSL state groups. We have also walked in Pro Pittie walks with a sign telling people what has happened to us.

I’m just like any other dog: I am a very happy pup. I’m friendly, always wagging my tail. When I play fetch, I get heavy floppy paws and do a lot of pouncing. I “talk” a lot especially when my boy leaves and I can see him on the road leaving, or if I’m in the vet, I’ll talk to the doctor…not whining, just “braw braw braw.” I hate — and I mean HATE — rain and baths. I’ll run outside when I absolutely cannot hold it anymore, go potty as fast as possible, and run right back in the door and sit by my towel so my momma can dry me off QUICK QUICK QUICK!!! I also love to go for car rides.

I grunt and snore like typical bullies and I love to cuddle. Like all dogs, we just want our owners to love us and to do whatever we can to make them happy. We are all like that!!

My momma has decided to move out of the township to keep me safe from those who do not want me specifically because I “look like an undesirable breed.” My momma is in fear for my life and check the yard daily for thrown food, treats, or dog toys that are not mine. She watches me closely and keep me closer to the backdoor than allowing me to run freely. Our house has a 1/2-acre yard and my momma does not trust anyone anymore. A neighbor turned us in, so how can she trust any of them? I trust everyone who comes to the fence….and that may be my only “bad thing.”

My momma has jumped through hoops to keep me and she will fight for me, because I need my boy and my boy needs me. My momma has our home up for sale and has found potential new homes in Pittie-friendly communities. My momma says I’m worth it. I am not just a dog or some “breed.” I am family, I am special, and I am loved.

We will continue to fight BSL. Nothing is going to stop us now. Visit me on my Facebook page, Milo’s World, and help me get my story out there for others to read!

Thank you!

XOXO, Milo

Parent: Barb