Milo, Frederick, MD

Hi! I’m Milo the Pit Bull.

Life is hard thing. You think you are loved one minute and then the next thing you know, you are at the shelter thanks to a stupid 10-week-old baby the next. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies! It’s not her fault that her parent’s couldn’t plan ahead.

So at the shelter I sat. Little did I know there was a little fire growing. I met a lot of volunteers but one seemed more passionate about me. She quickly picked me out as her personal favorite there. I knew she loved me even when I was just a shelter dog. After some VERY long term begging, she was finally allowed to take me home. So after being in prison for three months, I finally got to go home!

On the ride home, the fire started growing and growing until I couldn’t control it and I started licking and hugging my new Mommy. My tail easily doing a hundred (I don’t know how to count but that’s what my Mommy said!). From that day on I knew nothing could change me now. I was a full blown monster! A love monster that is! 🙂

Love radiates off me. Everyday I go to Mommy and start kissing and loving her. I’m unpredictable. Who knows when I’ll blow and the love zoomies will come. The three-year-old boy down the street is terrified I will go up to him and lick him an let him hang on me. He squeals when I roll over for a belly rub and makes this funny noise that sounds different than crying when I go play with his puppies.

I love chasing birds, long walks, dogs, people, my family, toys. I’m a typical dog that most people can’t believe no one took me home for all this sexiness (just sayin’ 😉 ). Mommy says I’m a real good boy.

I know I’m a monster but that doesn’t stop me from being a Pit Bull! One time this leaf floated by and I barked at it to protect my Mommy.

I have a loving family and a doggie friend, and I plan to get my CGC soon. I am a typical dog with much love to give. I don’t understand why my old family gave me up for a baby! I’m the best dog around!

I lie here today thinking that maybe it isn’t bad to be the kind of monster I am. Maybe it’s the way people want me to be. Maybe I wasn’t born so different after all.

Come be my friend on Facebook and I’ll show you what a love monster I am! 🙂

♥ ~ Milo

Parent: Katie