Lucy, Morrisville, NC

Hello, my name is Lucy AKA “Sweet Girl.” I am a pretty, funny, redheaded little girl pit bull, almost 4 years old.

When I was around 2 or 3, someone dumped me out near a farm where my Mommy rides horses. I had just had babies, but they didn’t get to come with me. I was scared and sad. It was the middle of winter and I was very cold, very tired, and very sore because someone had beaten me on my nursing breasts.

My head hurt a lot too because someone’s bullet grazed it. I was cold and alone for several days, but I stayed near the road because I hoped the truck would come back and take me home, take me to my babies.

I guess I am a stubborn girl, because I didn’t give up. Maybe somebody would see my happy eyes and know that if they would give me a chance to love them, I would love them so much.

Finally, I saw who I knew was suppose to be my Mommy, but she drove by…(Oh no!) Then, she stopped, backed up and got out of her car. I didn’t have very much energy, but I used it all to slither like a snake until I reached her side and rested me body against her leg. With everything I had left, I wagged my tail hard and fast.

I kept thinking, “Please take me with you, I’m good, I’m good, I’m not a monster.” She grabbed a towel, scooped me up in her arms (which was easy since I was about 30 pounds underweight), and put me in the car. Yay!!!

I was so happy, so warm and so home. At least until she gave me a sponge bath, that was not fun, but I smelled bad. I was very sick for a very long time, but my Mom and Dad and brother Chewie helped me get better and stronger.

Sadly, my brother Chewie was very old and he passed away. But not before he helped me to not be afraid of baths, to drink water, and to always come when Mom yells for me.

Now I run and jump and play and eat and live happy. Best of all, I have somebody to love. And I’m pretty sure they love me too because they kiss and hug me so much.

How could they resist…I’m a ”Sweet Girl.”

Parent: Pamela