Liv, Boise, ID

Hi! My name is Liviana but everyone calls me Liv or Livi. I am a three-year-old blue brindle and white Pittie. My story started when I was just a wee little girl.

My mom works as Animal Coordinator at the Idaho Humane Society in Boise, Idaho. She was doing some research trying to find bad people that were cropping dogs ears from the back of a pickup (some of the dogs ending up in her shelter!) and while looking through Craig’s List, she came across a picture of me.

The ad said “Free 6 week old blind Pitbull” and mommy was instantly worried I would end up in the wrong hands. So she went and picked me up! She brought me back to the shelter to see the doctor and he said I was not blind but deaf. (Yeah, go figures!)

Oh, and I had a few other issues. The first thing everyone noticed: My head was HUGE!! I weighed only two pounds and mom said my head was one pound by itself! I was very “bobble headed” and clumsy.

Mom decided she would foster me to make sure I didn’t have any continuing neurological issues before being placed for adoption. Mom brought me to work everyday to socialize me and to work on my coordination.

I started making lots of progress. And guess what? Mom fell in love and adopted me for herself. 🙂

I still had a few “issues”, like when I ate a lot of stuff and had to have surgery to get it out of my stomach (mom called it an enterotomy). I also started to limp so we had X-rays done (seems I also have hip dysplasia and bad knees) so when I got a little older, I had surgery on one of my knees and now my hips are less painful. (Mom said it’s because I have a bionic knee.)

The best part of my life is when I get a new playmate! I grew up with two little Terriers, Bindi and Pippin. They are 7 and 9 years old now and are not very playful but we all love each other.

Mom brings home “foster” dogs all the time, almost all of them are little and under-socialized (mom said that’s our specialty). All I know is that they are here for ME!

I show them how happy I am and how I love people and to trust them. They watch me and I wait till I know they are ready then the wrestling begins. I think because I grew up with two little ones I know how to be gentle and play nice.

One of my all-time favorites was a 4lb Yorkie named Cricket. She was so silly when she would jump all over me and we’d roll around on the couch.

We had a few little dogs that came from a “hoarder” and they had a bad life. Mopsy was first, then a dog named Jayda (she loved to run full speed and have me chase her around the yard). Right now we have Posey. Mom said Posey may take longer because she is afraid of a lot of things.

Don’t tell mom but I think I will make her happy, social and ready for a new home really quick. I always do!

Sometimes I’m sad when they leave but I’m OK because I know that there will always be another dog that needs my help. 🙂

My mom tells me I’m a special girl, and that I’m not a monster!


Parent: Dee Dee