Lita, Carmel, IN

Hi! I’m Lita! My life began on October 1st, 2012, when I was only 2-3 months old.

Castaway Pit Bull Rescue (CPBR) pulled me from a local shelter right before I was set to be euthanized. This photo saved my life.

Manya, who pulled me, fostered me with her own dogs & cats. I was socialized in no time! But within a few weeks, I got very sick. πŸ™ Manya took me to the vet and they thought I had Distemper! After multiple tests and IV’s they found out I just had a severe respiratory infection.

Soon after, I formed a lump on my side from where the IV fluid didn’t disperse properly, so I had to have surgery to have that removed. I still have the scar but Mom says it adds to my uniqueness and beauty.

Before I was set to have surgery, my foster mom took me to her best friend Kelsey’s house who has ALWAYS wanted a white female pittie but since Kelsey lived with her parents, and had a senior Yorkie of her own, she didn’t think she could ever have one. Well since I was so cute and sweet asleep in my foster mom’s arms, Kelsey’s mom just said they could adopt me without Kelsey even asking!

Kelsey’s mom was terrified of me before I came home. As soon as she told Kelsey that she could adopt me she started freaking out about what she just did. The first question she asked my new mom was “now if I correct her, will she turn around and bite me?!”

Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

After I healed from my surgery, I went to my forever home. Mom’s Yorkie was a crabby old man who liked to bark at other dogs but run the opposite way, but for some reason he loved me!

Sadly a week after I got into my new home, he passed on. He was very ill with diabetes and had his second kidney stone, and with my brother already being diabetic, he most likely wouldn’t of survived surgery. I was a good little sister and cuddled with him during his last two days.

It was perfect timing that they got me when they did. Mom was a huge mess but I helped make her feel better! I picked up on potty training fairly quickly, and knew sit, shake, and down thanks to Mom’s coworkers working with me when they were dead at work!

I still was a little shy around tall men, but Mom took me to volunteer with her at the CPBR table during events and I warmed up in no time. It especially helped that my foster brothers were always there with me and showed me that not all people are scary.

My mom struggles with social anxiety, so when I first came to live with her she still didn’t have her drivers license and she was 23! She started driving around with me in the car and eventually got the courage to go take the driver’s test and passed! I usually go anywhere possible with mom, because when her anxiety starts acting up I give her courage.

My mom’s parents fell so much in love with me that they decided they wanted one of their own, and that’s when we adopted my brother Stache. Grandpa found him on at a shelter in Sidney, Ohio. We sent in our application, and it was approved within the hour!

That same day, Grandma, Mom & I drove all the way to Ohio to go pick up little Stache. As soon as we arrived and walked in through the doors, we got the stare down…

Grandma quickly explained they weren’t dropping me off, but instead we were there to take a dog off their hands, we just wanted to make sure my brother and I would get along.

Phew! The shelter staff took big sighs of relief and went back to get my brother. When he came around the corner, he looked like a little ferret because he was wiggling back and forth so much.

As soon as we got close enough, I jumped all over him and played like we were the best of friends. It was official, Stache was my brother.

And as soon as they put Stache and I in the car, Stache decides he needs to poop. Grandma said she already knew he was gonna be her little sh*t after that one. Haha. After that, the whole car ride home we barked and kept punching each other; it was true love! πŸ™‚

I was an awesome big sister and taught Stache the rules of the house, and well…how to get what you want from the humans. He’s way more outgoing than me, and loved everyone & everything already when we brought him home from the shelter. So if neighbors come to my fence, I let Stache go up there first and once I realize they’re not mean, I’ll run up to them for attention as well.

Our neighbors love us; the other dog parents always bring us treats if they’re out doing yard work and we’re out as well.

Now I’m just enjoying my life being a normal dog, with an annoying little brother who I love very much. I go to events all dressed up and pose for photos with my brother for our social media pages to hopefully inspire others to adopt a Pit Bull, or a shelter dog period, and maybe change some peoples perspectives of my breed.

I didn’t mean to be born as a dog that’s feared by society; I was just born this way, and I’m definitely not a monster!

~ Lita

p.s. We have a new brother, Jax. He was being rehomed on Craigslist the week before Thanksgiving. When mom saw the post, she knew she had to save Jax!

He is another white pup, a Dogo Argentino, and even though he was only 5 months old when we got him, he was already so much bigger than me. He’s the biggest baby who throws whining tantrums whenever Stache or I don’t want to play with him, but we love the big goof! πŸ™‚

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Parent: Kelsey