Lexi, Marietta, GA

Hello everyone! My name is Lexi and I live with my big sis Bambi (I call her Bam for short. She hates it! Hee hee…) and my little bro, Rudy (who thinks he is soooo cool just because he is a fast runner. If I wanted to, I could catch him — I just don’t feel the need to show off my speedy moves).

We all live together with Mom in Marietta, GA. I really do love my life here and though I sometimes like to tease my sister and brother, we are all the best of friends now!

There was a time though when I didn’t live with my Mom, sister and brother. I lived at another house with another family. They bought me from man who was what they call a backyard breeder and he sold me when I was really, really young. You see, I had a foot that was turned funny and even though it corrected itself as I matured, he didn’t want me around when other people came to look at my litter mates.

He thought I was damaged goods and offered my first family a discount to take me off of his hands. Of course my first family jumped at the deal because even though I had a bum foot, I was still SUPER cute!! But, when a puppy doesn’t get to stay with its mom and litter mates long enough, it misses out on a lot of valuable life lessons.

Litter mates teach each other doggy etiquette, how to be polite with each other and how to play fight without getting too rough and hurting each other. I missed all of those lessons. So when I came to live with Bambi, I was just plain old fashion RUDE!

Well, you know my sis Bam (hee hee) really is so nice, but nice only goes so far and one day, I guess she had just had her fill of me and my rude ways and she let me have it!!! And boy did she….!!!! After the fight, for four long months we didn’t get to play. 🙁

When Bambi was in her kennel, I was out and when I was in my kennel, Bambi was out. But we would still lay by each other, there was just a kennel wire between us now, and when whoever turn it was to be out, the first thing we would do was run over and say hi to whoever turn it was to be in! Mom said that gave her hope that we would be friends again!!!

So, one day my mom read about this man whose name is Byron (some people call him Half Man/Half Pit and now that my Mom knows him she calls him B). He is a Dog Behaviorist. Mom called him and he came to our house and met Bambi, Mom and me.

B helped us a lot. He showed my mom things to watch for, signs that indicate that we are going in the wrong direction with our energy. Anyway, we all play nicely now but Mom always keeps a close eye on us and we are never unsupervised. Never!!!! That is just how me and my sister and brother roll!!


p.s. The picture of me in the devil suit WAS NOT my idea. I may not always be a perfect angel but I am not a devil either!

p.p.s. And yep, I’m a Stubby Dog! A Stubby Dog Who Loves To Dance! 🙂

Parent: Joan