Laila Ali, Rougemont, NC

Hi! I’m Laila Ali and I am a victim of unregulated breeding in NC but my journey is a story of compassion, love and healing…

My story started when I was a 10-week-old Boxer pup weighing 3 pounds near death. My left hind leg was badly infected, I hadn’t eaten in days and I was so weak from hunger I couldn’t lift my head. Just a few more days and I would be at peace and no longer suffering.

Unbeknownst to me, my life was about to change.

The backyard breeder who owned me either had a twinge of conscience or wanted me euthanized, for she took me to Quail Corners Animal Hospital. The veterinarian persuaded my breeder to surrender me to Wake County Animal Services (WCAS) and my journey began.

Phones rang, emails flew and within hours I went from WCAS to Cindy Moore of Rescue UR Forever Friend (formerly the dog division of Paw Prints Animal Rescue).

Cindy took me to Dr. Sandy Albright of Crossroads Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Albright began emergency treatment to save my leg and my life. For five days I stayed at Sandy’s home struggling to survive; for five days Sandy fed me via tubes, bathed my infected leg and willed me to live.

As I fought the fight of a lifetime, I was given a name: Laila Ali, daughter of the greatest boxer in the world — Muhammad Ali! As he fought, so did I, with every bit of determination, skill and energy my body possessed! Under Sandy and her daughter Alex’s care, not only did I survive, I THRIVED!

Unfortunately, as I grew stronger, so did the infection in my leg. The infection had invaded my tendons, ligaments and bones. Eventually my leg had to be amputated.

Leg eliminated, infection controlled, my strength renewed, I was relocated to the foster home of Emilea Burton, NCSU vet student. Emilea loved me, tended my wound, helping me realize that there are wonderful people in the world.

Now I needed a permanent home. A home where a socially inept, tripod Boxer pup, separated too early from her doggie family, could come into her own and reach for the stars. Enter my new family, the Kreem Family.

The Kreems already had a tripod, Liam (Boxer/Pit Bull mix) and recently lost their beloved Aussie, Apache. With a little trepidation and broken hearts, the Kreems opened their hearts and home to me.

My personality and health continued to blossom with my new family. I live each and every second to the fullest!

Today, it’s time to fulfill my destiny and tell my story to help other dogs. I travel all over North Carolina to share the need for Commercial Breeder Legislation. Voters demanding puppy mill laws will assure that:

  • Puppies will receive medical care when needed;
  • Mother dogs will no longer be bred to death, and;
  • No longer will we have dogs and puppies and cats and kittens crammed in feces encrusted crates stacked one on top of another

We must simply stop this inhumane treatment of animals!

Please help me fulfill my destiny – visit me at my Facebook page to follow my journey and help me save others. You can also share my video to help tell my story.

Laila Ali

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Parent: Kim

Editor’s Note: Her breeder’s neglect when she was a pup left her with a compromised immune system. When she was 2 years old, it was discovered that her only back leg had premature degeneration of the hip socket because she overcorrected her gait. She literally was walking on a hip half out of joint because there was no bone left. The only way to keep her on her feet was a total hip replacement. She was only the 4th “tripod’ to ever attempt this procedure.

Laila died on the table several times during the 3 surgeries (the 2 planned surgeries did not work due post-op setbacks (her hip was dislocated a few times post-op; it was able to be popped back in under sedation, but it popped back out again and again). Laila ended up with Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO), a last resort that would leave her wheelchair-bound. Laila defied the odds again by walking on muscle and determination. She is still experiencing some health issues such as epilepsy and arthritis, managed with daily regiment of medication and supplements, but nothing is stopping this little fighter.

Why do we love Miss Laila and her momma so much? Laila and her parents made it their mission to change the world for all the other breeder pups out there so they don’t have to go through what she went through. Not only they travel to spread the word about SB930 (the Commercial Dog Breeder Bill) and as community outreach for North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare, she also spearheads many fundraisers for groups like Rescue Ur Forever Friend (her rescue), Coalition to Unchain Dogs and our “Monster” Holiday Drive. Laila has raised over $100,000 for these groups in just 3 years as well as mentoring dozens of fosters in her home. Laila is a Super “Monster” & a ROCKSTAR!!