Lady, Whittier, CA

My name is Lady. I’m a very fashionable diva….but my life wasn’t always mani pedis and being the center of attention…

My previous owners were most likely breeders. My ears are horribly cropped and uneven, I have scars on my face and legs but it never affected my personality and the love I give.

My sister Tanka and I were abandoned at a high kill shelter. She got adopted right away because of how pretty she was…but I just waited and waited. 🙁

One day I finally got my chance! It just so happened that a rescue organization, ROMP Rescue, had heard about me and on my scheduled Kill day… and I was free!

I was taken to a boarding kennel where I stayed for OVER A YEAR. But they were all so nice to me. I went to adoption events and always had a blast!

One day while I was out for my social time at the kennel, a little blonde woman showed up and was saying how beautiful I was. I immediately knew she was going to be mine! I didnt know how but it was going to happen.

The little blonde lady was on her very first day at work at that kennel, so I saw a lot of her. She would even come in on her days off to take me for walks and play with me. She became very close with my rescue.

During the time I was in boarding, I started having really painful knee problems. 🙁

As it turned out, I needed to lose weight (85lbs!! I was a BIG girl) and I was suffering from luxating patella which was very painful and expensive.

ROMP Rescue worked so hard to raise the money for my vet bills, but then this little blonde girl surprised me when she also started raising money for little ol’ me. She cared for me at the kennel when I had my first surgery…it was hard lugging around 85lbs on 3 legs!

But what I didn’t know is that my mama was struggling to find an apartment that would let her have a dog, let alone one that looked like me. 🙁

It took lots of phone calls, hours searching online and lots of patience. People even cursed at her and hung up on her as soon as she told them my breed. But just by chance my mom and dad had found a beautiful apartment with the most amazing landlord who fell in love with me!

We moved in shortly after with no furniture other than two beds, one for me and one for them. I could not believe that I wasn’t at the kennel! I have a family now!

My mom and dad were so poor because I was still in need of my second surgery. Thanks to more amazing donations, I was able to recover in MY OWN HOUSE. It was a painful recovery, but I didn’t care because I was HOME.

Today I am 65lbs, active, stylish and spoiled! I even have my own Instagram! @ladythepitbull 🙂

It started because my mama is always taking pictures of me, so together we try to change peoples perception of dogs with cropped ears. And it’s also great for getting connected with other dogs and people who also fight breed discrimination.

I have a big beautiful red bow on my collar and bright red painted nails. Mama says it helps people see that I’m not scary or dangerous….I’m FABULOUS!

I really think it works! 🙂


Parent: Gabriela