Lady Bug, Perris, CA

My name is Lady Bug. I am not sure of my beginnings. I guess I was not wanted and thrown away.

All I know is I was hungry and thirsty, and my paws hurt so bad. It was hot out and cars were flying by. I was scared and alone. One car stopped though! This lady got out and came up to me, and I wagged my tail! She convinced me to get into the car, which was scary. I had no idea that this night I was going to meet the family that would never throw me away!

This lady (who was to become my human sister!) drove me to a house, went in and got another lady to come look at me. She made a funny noise (I think she called it a “gasp”). I wagged my tail again! I wanted her to know that I was just looking for a “home” and I was lost and I would never hurt her.

These humans took me in that night. They fed me and gave me water. The older lady took a look at my paws. They were bloody and every time I walked, I put more bloody spots on the ground. She went and got something and started rubbing it on my paws ever so gently, and it felt so good!

I itched all over though, and I heard them say fleas and ticks, but they put some stuff on my back. I finally slept that night and my tummy didn’t growl. The lady wasn’t sure what to do with me — she had other dogs and they were little or old — and she knew I was part pit bull. But even though I was hurt, scared and hungry, she says my eyes were always so gentle so they let me stay in a room called an office. They even put a bed in there for me, and food and water!

Everyday the one lady would come in and I would sit with her in her chair as she worked, and everyday she would rub my paws and they were feeling good. I slowly gained some weight and I was feeling SO good. Then the day came when “mom” took me to the doctor and had me spayed and micro-chipped and all my shots! SURELY someone who would do that must love me!!!

I got to rest for a few days and then I got to meet my new brothers and my sister! They ARE little! But I was ever so gentle! I loved them right away! That’s when I knew I was HOME!

Llama and me play tug-o-war, and even though she is only 10 pounds, I let her win all the time! Llama was thrown away too! I love everyone! I love playing ball and tug-o-war, and learning new commands that mom teaches me! I sit and stay SO good!

I love to play outside with my sister and brothers and mom. I love snuggling in bed with mom and dad and getting my belly rubbed. I don’t have an angry bone in my body. Mom says I am a gentle soul and one of the greatest dogs she has ever met!

That was two years ago. My mom and dad, and human sister and brother all love me! ME! I love them so much back! Mom tells me all the time, that she is so thankful that I came into her life! I didn’t dream this would ever happen! But the best part? When mom kisses my nose, looks me in the eye and tells me, “You are always home, Lady Bug.” I love that word: HOME.

I love my family and I never look back! Come say hi to me on Facebook!

Parent: Merrily