Kayla, Noblesville, IN

My name is McKayla, but everyone calls me Kayla for short.

My story starts out in Noblesville, Indiana where I was picked up as a stray. They took me to the Humane Society of Hamilton County, and I was there for almost 9 months! I was the only dog in the shelter who had to have a “lid” placed on top of my kennel as I would run ‘round and ‘round on the walls and then leap up and over into other kennels. I was passed up so many times.

One day, several families came in to see me. I got to go outside in the play yard several times. The shelter is always full of “pit bulls” and “pit bull mixes”, but no one wants us. I am supposedly mixed with whippet, which explains my gait, my speed and some of my features. I was brought inside in the middle of the day and went straight into a playroom to see a couple. They said that they were waiting a long time so that they could see me. These hoomans actually WANTED to see me!

The girl hooman saw my behavior, but was convinced that it was all due to kennel stress. We played in the room for over an hour and the next thing I know, they wanted me to go home with them. Was this really happening to me?

The hoomans left the room and went to do some paper stuff at the front desk, and then I was brought out front and paraded in front of all these other hoomans looking for forever friends. I was so happy that I was going to a real home.

A year and a half later after my adoption, I recently became a certified therapy dog and I visit various facilities ranging from Alzheimer’s/Dementia Units to a juvenile prison.

Who says that bully breeds can’t be good dogs? I have a new brother too, but he isn’t a “pit bull” type dog. He is a Great Dane/Greyhound/Pointer mix. He isn’t as big as you think and he’s my best friend.

Love, Kayla

Parents: Angie & Leo Huser