Juliette, Rutherford, NJ

I was found on the mean streets of Passaic, NJ in January 2000. I was burned with cigarettes and stabbed in both of my legs with a knife. On top of that, I was suffering from heartworm, which they tell me could have become fatal. I was certainly a miserable stray back then, but I became “One Lucky Doggie.” Let me tell you how I was saved…

When I arrived at Passaic Animal Shelter, they took care of all my medical needs. My wounds began healing. Life started getting better, but my heart yearned for someone to love. I was bred to love humans, but I had no one to love. I was desperately looking for my own family.

Unfortunately, it seemed unlikely for a dog like myself, injured and sick, to find a home. And worse yet, people seemed to cringe when they heard I’m a Pit Bull. I didn’t understand why. Luckily, I was given a chance at life! A nice family from Nutley, NJ, fostered me for a few months and did everything to help me recover quickly and feel happy and safe.

Then, on a beautiful spring morning (March 25, 2000 to be exact), that special person came into my life! At first sight, I knew she was the one. She didn’t mind my conditions, and she wasn’t biased against my breed at all. She even moved out of her apartment to live in a place that welcomes dogs!

“My Person” and I shared a very very special bond and love each other deeply. We took an obedience class together and she took me everywhere—camping every summer, picnics, beaches and shopping! I followed her everywhere she went, just like a shadow. We were SO happy together!

But… there is always a time we all have to say “good-bye” even though it doesn’t seem fair. The arthritis pain on my hips was getting worse and worse. I had a very difficult time going up and down the steps… I started showing some signs of dementia also. My body simply said… I am tired…

On July 25th, 2011, I took a journey to the Rainbow Bridge. My mommy was with me for the whole time kissing my head and telling me what a good doggie I was. I departed very peacefully. Although my mommy and I won’t be able to do what we used to do together anymore, we are and will always be together forever. I love my mommy so very much and she loves me so dearly. See, I told you I am One Lucky Doggie!

Parent: Maho