Joey, Port St. Lucie, FL

My name is Joey. Here’s how my story began.

On Aug.18,2002, my future mom went to the local pound to get a cat as hers had just passed away. The cat area was closed for renovation so she wandered into the Dog area and saw me in a cage. She thought I was a beautiful, goofy, full-of-life dog but she was told that I’d been placed in the Night Drop Off Box with a note that said I had “Outgrown” the trailer that my previous owner lived in. The note also had my birth date on it but not much else. I was 65 lbs. at that point (8 mos. old) and the people there referred to me as a Great Dane Mix. (Well, of course I had outgrown my “trailer.” :))

I also had a second note on my cage that said “Please Adopt Me, It’s My Last Day.” What did my future mom do? She adopted me right there and brought me home the next day after I went to the Vet.

My mom said I brought my new family nothing but love and laughs for the next 8 years. She has hours of stories about me, but not near enough time. I grew to 115 lbs. but was a truly gentle giant. My mom could take me anywhere and around anybody and I was loving and gentle as a lamb, especially around children.

When she walked me, people would drive by, stop, back up and ask “Is his name Petey?” I was my mom’s heart and soul. My mom was never 100% sure of what type of breed mix I am, her best guesses were American Bull Terrier or Great Dane/Pointer Mix. I had the look and personality of “Chance” from “The Incredible Journey.”

In August of 2010, my mom noticed me “leaning” to the left when I sat so she thought I had an ear infection. Well, after trips to Vet, X-Rays, blood work and trips to the Neurologist, it was determined that I had a brain tumor. By Dec. of 2010, it had gotten the best of me. My mom could do nothing more to help and/or save me.

By Dec. 17th, 2010, I was not Joey anymore. My mom had to send me to The Rainbow Bridge. It broke my parents’ hearts but I know I will always be in their heart and soul. I am a big boy, but I was never a monster. I was a Gentle Giant.

Parent: Nicole