Jezabel, Garland, TX

Hi. My name is Jezabel. When I was a much younger pup I lived with a bad man who kept me in an apartment. He never taught me any manners and fed me all sorts of yucky things (gun powder and arsenic!). Since I didn’t know better, I piddled all over and chewed a lot of things up so this man got rid of me.

I was very confused. I was only 9 months old. I was sick, my skin was always itchy (Mommy says it was because of what I was fed) and I was the size of a 4-month-old puppy. This man worked at a shop in Hutchins, TX, where they fixed big truck trailers. This is where I met a man named Joe and Kris (who would become my DaDa). It was very cold and it was such a loud place.

Joe wanted me to breed puppies for fighting and was going to leave me chained at his place. As he approached me I knew I did not like him so I cowered away. This made Joe angry and he went to strike me just as my DaDa (well, he wasn’t my DaDa then) walked into the shop and prevented Joe from striking me. I was so grateful I ran and hid behind DaDa. This was someone I wanted to trust.

He scooped me up and put me in his truck and turned on the heater. We sat a long time just looking at each other and finally I reached out a paw and touched him. DaDa talked about being in a car wreck and about how he had head trauma (Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI) and although he wasn’t sure how, I was to go home with him. He left me in his truck wrapped up in a warm coat and had to go back to work. It was the end of the work week and when it was time to leave Joe was angry at him (I could tell by his voice) but DaDa just got in the truck and drove home. He talked to me the whole way, telling me about Mommy (his sister) and all the other members of the pack.

When he pulled up to his house, Mommy was inside with Wolfie (who later would become both friend and companion). I was so excited that I piddled in the house (I did not know it was not allowed then). Wolfie and I became fast friends and he allowed me to lay beside him and to play with his toys even though he was so much older and bigger; he was very warm. Mommy helped me to begin to understand that it was not OK to potty in the house, and so did Wolfie.

A few days later DaDa called to say he was coming to get me for a short trip. Mommy was very upset about this as she put a warm shirt on me. We waited — I was excited because I was going to get go for a ride. It was a ride that changed DaDa’s live and mine.

As soon as we reached the shop, Joe (who’s twice DaDa’s size) approached DaDa with a huge hammer in his hand. DaDa jumped out of the truck, they had a scuffle and Joe kept hitting DaDa with the hammer!! I was terrified and began barking. DaDa was on the ground and Joe opened up the door, grabbed me by the throat and threw me in his car. DaDa was bleeding from the head and he kept saying “Give me my dog!” and trying to get up. I was so scared! I could not get out of the car and I knew if Joe got in he would take me somewhere else.

DaDa finally made it up, grabbed a stick and swung at Joe, grazing his elbow (DaDa could not see because of the blood in his eyes). This made Joe very angry and he hit DaDa again! But DaDa kept coming for me and I whined and barked to get out of the car. Finally Joe gave me back to DaDa and I was so grateful to be back with DaDa even though he was bleeding so much…

We drove home for what seemed like a long time (it was 30 miles). As we drove, DaDa was bleeding badly and called Mommy to tell her we were on our way. As soon as we got there, DaDa gave me to Mommy to look me over to make sure I was OK because I had some of his blood on me. When she knew I was OK, she turned her attention to DaDa and called the paramedics. DaDa was bleeding so much and kept trying go to sleep. Mommy would not let him as she cleaned his head.

Wolfie made me lay down with him and stay out of the way (since he was older and bigger, I did as I was told). We watched as the paramedics arrived and rushed DaDa to the hospital. I was so scared! We had not been apart much and the house was still unfamiliar to me but Mommy’s son Jeremy was there and stayed with us. They were gone for a long time…

DaDa got 28 staples in his head but as soon as he got home, he hugged me and told me I would always have a home with him.

I had wonderful time learning my new house and my new pack. I had not been a part of one for so long I had to be retaught. DaDa say there were a lot of time I could be very frustrating for him but I learned when DaDa had his headaches (from the TBI), I laid with him. I even learned when there was one coming on. DaDa’s smell would change and I would know.

I had to learn about some our other pack members (cats!) and I had never been around them. I learned quickly to stay out of Shea Lei’s way (she’s the queen) and I learned that Duke was a good friend even if a bit slow (he’s a special needs kitty Mommy saved) and there is Tidus who Mommy says was the last prince of the cat colony she used to manage. He only plays with me sometimes.

Wolfie and I became great pals though sometimes my feelings for him would change (DaDa said all big girls have something called “heat”). We had many days of exciting adventures, long walks together, we love our wild garden (Mommy says it is just part of a park). I never really got very big (DaDa said that was because of what the bad man fed me).

Two years passed with many great games of mudball in the rain and sitting out by the fire in the snow. There were always times when DaDa would take me for lots of rides. It was a very good life but sometimes I would have dreams of my old life and would growl and bark in my sleep. Mommy or DaDa always woke me in a soothing voice so I would not be afraid anymore.

Then something happened one morning… I had babies!! (It was an accident! I wasn’t really sure how it happened but those long walks with Wolfie…) Mommy and DaDa were there beside me to help and I had 3 healthy babies, all boys. The first week was wonderful! I was a very good Momma and only left the babies to go outside for just a bit…but something was wrong! I could feel it. I just didn’t know what it was so I kept caring for the babies and I had my paws full.

The second week DaDa noticed I wasn’t eating very much and my milk was drying up. I was so sad all the time and so very tired, but DaDa said we didn’t have any money for the vet so I struggled on. Mommy would cry when she would look at me still trying feed my babies so she started feeding the babies some kind of milk cereal so they would not be so hungry. Mommy and DaDa tried to figure out what was wrong and Mommy decided she would get on her computer and find out. She also sent messages out to friends who decided to help me go to the vet.

I was so weak by this time and could not feed the babies. I would just look at them sadly and lay back down. We went to very nice man (the vet) who took some blood, gave me a shot and said he would call Mommy soon…

DaDa would just hold me and cry. So would Mommy.

Then the doctor called and said I was very, very sick. I had not only something called cancer (Lymphoma) but there were Leukemia cells in my blood work too. DaDa and Mommy were very sad.

My last days came so suddenly for all of us. I guess I knew I would be leaving soon but I would have to leave my family, including the babies who were so very young. It was all I could do to hold on when Mommy and DaDa would bring the babies to me just to let me see them. I was so weak.

My last night, November 20th, 2011, DaDa slept with me on the living room floor because I was too weak to move. He talked to me and promised me my boys would grow up healthy and strong. I was so sleepy but I thumped my tail gently to let him know I understood.

He told me to go to sleep and that he would see me soon…that he would be OK without me and how much he and Mommy loved me…

Soon I feel asleep in his arms…

Mommy and DaDa started a Facebook page, A Pittie’s Heart 2, to help others in need and to show the boys’ adventures as they grow up. It is the best way to honor my memory. They know there will come a day when they will see me again but there are much for them to do on their side of the bridge. Too many who need help and love, who never had a loving hand and a comfy blanket. Too many who will never know what it feels to have someone fight for them like DaDa did for me.

Thank you for reading my story.

p.s. Since my passing, DaDa’s TBI symptoms have gotten worse because I was his therapy companion. He faces a series of surgeries and had to be re-evaluated through a new CT scan. Please keep my boys and my DaDa in your thoughts for me. I would love that.

Parents: Kris & Julie

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