Jericho, Harrisburg, PA

Hi! I’m Jericho! My story started late last year when I found myself without a home or family. I was brought in as a stray to a Central PA SPCA, which is located in area where dog fighting is very prevalent.

A person with a local non-profit organization that offer free/low cost spays and neuters, vaccine clinics for the community met and fell in love with me, so she offered to foster me. Unfortunately, one of her more dominant female dogs didn’t take a liking to me and I was returned. πŸ™

This is a kill shelter, so time and space often determines the fate of many dogs. I was no exception, though I did manage to stay much longer than many because everyone was so in love with me. Still, after just a couple months my time was up and I was scheduled to be killed. My former foster mom found out and she contacted Pitties.Love.Peace, hysterical. That’s how I ended up with them on April 6th.

The moment my rescuers met me, they said it was love at first sight. πŸ™‚ They knew I am an amazing dog who deserves the chance to have a long happy life.

Originally, I was staying at a place called Playful Pups Retreat, a state-of-the-art doggie daycare/boarding facility, with other rescued dogs under their care. However, as nice as it is, the place was too stressful for me and I wasn’t gaining any weight so I found myself a foster mom. πŸ™‚

It’s quickly apparent that I hadn’t had much guidance or training β€” which is totally to be expected with most stray dogs like me β€” I do know basic commands and am extremely food motivated, which will make training very easy.

After allowing me to settle in and trust my humans before officially temperament testing me, my foster mom proudly told me that I’m just a happy, playful boy.* She says I’m perfect in every way, although she had to teach me that the coffee table isn’t a bridge to things on the other side. Hehe…

So here’s my quick stat:

  • I’m about 18 months old, up to date on my vaccinations, neutered and microchipped
  • I walk near perfect on leash, at times just strolling beside my human at a leisurely pace taking everything in. The only time my foster mom has seen me pull on leash is towards a treat!
  • My teeth are pearly white and definitely not in need of a cleaning for many many years!
  • I’m playful! I am a young boy, so I will need a fairly active family who will include me in their daily activities and make sure I get the amount of exercise a young pittie needs, but I’m definitely not high energy, more medium energy.
  • I’m very gentle β€” I don’t really jump on my humans.
  • I am wonderful with children, but I’m still working on my resource guarding toys so older children (12 or older) that are respectful and can understand to not take my toys would be best.
  • I love other dogs as long as they are not dominant larger dogs. I’ve met several, male and female, and was fine with them all β€” I just wanted to play!
  • I do LOVE small dogs; I’ve met my foster mom’s female French Bulldog and male Pug and I was fine with them β€” even with the snotty Frenchie! πŸ™‚
  • Oh, I lived with cats in my former foster home and I liked them too!
  • I showed some resource guarding with food (I was extremely malnourished) but since my foster mom and I established a bond, I haven’t shown any resistance or guarding with her. I sit nicely and wait for my food. However, she likes to continue to be cautious with that.

I’m a total lovebug, I’m great at cuddling and giving kisses. My rescuers think I’m an excellent breed ambassador and they are working hard finding me a family that will spend the time to take me to obedience training and help me be the absolute best boy I can be.

My rescuers do require that any potential adopters who have dogs bring their dogs to meet me to make sure we are the best match. My foster mom would really love to see me have a canine companion in my forever home.

I’m a very laid back boy and my foster mom noticed that I have totally opened up here and am very puppy-like. I just need a loving home who will treat me as a cherished member of the family.

I don’t ask for much β€” good food, a warm bed, daily exercise and love. I could fit in well with many different types of families.

I promise I will be an amazing family member.


If you’re interested in meeting me, please contact my foster mom Jessica at jessblouch@gmail.comΒ or Pitties.Love.Peace’s president, Laurie Yost at Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!

*Just to clarify, NO dog in Pitties.Love.Peace‘s care fails a temperament test β€” they simply use the test as a guide to determine what areas, if any, we need help with and then they will come up with a plan of action to help us overcome any issues we may have.