Jax, Nashville, TN

Hi, I’m Jax! I’m from a scary place that police found and put an end to.

At this scary place, a man and his wife kept me, my mom and 69 other dogs. It was a bad place where we had to fight, be bred and baited…and it hurt a lot. My mom was made to breed a lot so I’m not sure of brothers and sisters I had along with me.

After the police got us out, I got to go to a lady who took in rescues and was with a bunch of other dogs, which was scary for me. I chewed my dish a lot, which hurt my teeth but I was scared. I did like the little kids that were around — they gave lots of hugs and kisses!

I heard that my Mommy saw my picture and called right on the spot!! She says I’m handsome. 🙂 Four days after she called, I met Mommy for the first time and she kept giving hugs and kisses (and she was cooking beef stew, my favorite!!) and I knew I’d be OK.

I was skinny and scared and confused; Mommy says that I have courage and just needed love! I was sick with worms — had them since I was born — so I wasn’t feeling well at all. After the treatment, we finally got rid of all the worms. I had energy and I gained 10lbs!!

Life with Mommy is good!! I’m still scared of new people, but I’m learning that people are nice and not everyone will hurt you.

I get to play with toys — oh do I love toys!! I didn’t know what they were and was confused but now, I can’t get enough! Walks are the best, because I see new things and smell all the trees and bushes. I’ve got a new doggie best friend who I love, and Mommy gets us together a lot, which is real nice.

The best, most fun is play with Mommy. She says my tail wags so hard and that makes Mommy happy; she’s so weird! But I get to jump around and we play tug!! I get all the belly rubs in the world and kisses! Mommy even took me camping. Everywhere we go, I always bring my Kong, blankie and Mr Cow; we can’t go without them!

I’m learning all the time and it feels like I’m a puppy because of how excited I get, and that makes me and Mommy smile! Mommy loves it when I smile. She say it melts her every time!

I’m safe and loved!! I am finally home.

Parent: Anca