Jati, Fergus Falls, MN

Hello! I’m Jati! I was a hit-and-run victim left to die at a Jakarta highway.

A group of caring people rescued me and brought me to Dr. Siti’s clinic. Since then I have gone through a lot—three operations to save my spine and back legs. The accident happened in the Jatinegara area and that’s why they name me Jati

However, my mommy said my will to live is remarkable. I endured all the pain and became friends with the vets, nurses and my rescuer. I use a wheelchair to support my walking. I walk and play like any other dog. Now I’m a healthy and friendly dog, and I love every visit from my rescuer.

One day as my mommy was looking at photos on Lets Adopt! Global, she came across this picture of this paralyzed dog who had a great smile on his face (me!), and instantly fell in love with me. She had to have me as part of her family, so she contacted Viktor who ran Lets Adopt! Global, and after a few e-mails and Skype phone calls, she was told we were a match and to lets get this ball rolling. That was the middle of November 2010.

On Jan. 13, 2011, I was place on a plane for my long journey home. With a couple of stops in between—first one in Bangkok, second one in LA with Melissa Schwartz (who kept me overnight and got up in the wee hours of the morning to finish the last leg of my flight home). So from LA, I flew to Minneapolis, MN, where the plane got delayed due to snow, then I finished my trip from there to Fargo, ND, and, last but not least, the hour trip from the airport home to Fergus Falls, MN. Talk about travel itinerary!

I’ve also made some progress. My mommy now knows that I have feeling in both my back legs, and the nerves might be growing back. I can now move both legs at will on my own, and they are very ticklish, so is my tail. My right back leg is still the weaker of the two, but my mommy is in total amazement of what I’m doing with them. I play bouncy puppy (that’s what my mommy calls it): Bounce up and down to catch toys or if I want to play. My legs almost always have muscle spasms and the vet says that’s a good thing. I’ve also put on some weight and muscle growth.

I let my mommy knows if I want cuddle time. At clean up time before bed, I get a full body scatch down which I just love! I also has a spot on my ear that my mommy call my sweet spot: If you rub it I will go to sleep in your hand. 🙂

My mommy gave me a permanent home because she says I deserve a loving family who will shower me with love and take me out for a walk or let me play at their own garden. On my behalf, she would like to express her sincere and deepest gratitude to those who had helped and gave full support in making my adoption a successful one.

I currently make my home in Minnesota with 3 other dog siblings and two kitties.

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Parent: Jamie