Jacob, Jersey City, NJ

Hello! My name is Jacob Norton and I’m a 12-year-old Shar Pei /Pit mix.

My mommy got me from a groomer in South Jersey when I was 8 weeks old. I was the only boy left from my mama’s litter. The groomer said that nobody wanted me because I didn’t play and wasn’t as hyper as my siblings. That’s what actually drew my mommy to me: My mopey disposition. And my wrinkles, of course!! (She said the Shar Pei really shown through when I was a pup. Imagine how adorable I must’ve looked?) Mommy says I reminded her of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh!

When she brought me home to show her family, they asked her, “Is that all he does?” Apparently I spent most of my days relaxing on the couch, to this day! To this day I spend my days relaxing on the couch and taking my life nice and slow.

Not to say that my life has been all roses and daisies. Unfortunately, as a breed, Shar Pei has tons of medical problems and I inherited them all. I’m currently blind and years of ear infections and problems have left me deaf.  I’ve learned to navigate the house and neighborhood with the help of my seeing-eye people and a constant routine. I struggled with allergies and skin problems throughout most of my life as well due to my wrinkles and dry skin. I’ve constantly had issues with my paws — they get inflamed very easily.

Even though I’m now deaf and blind, my vet told my mommy that because of my lethargic lifestyle, I’m a very healthy old man. I didn’t overexert myself very much. Mommy says I’m just a lazy bum! 🙂 Someone had asked her to post a pic of me standing or playing and she could find very few. Haha!

I have always been an only child but I have tons of cousins (people and animal) and 3 sister-in-laws (mini poodles named Oh-No, Lena and Angel) that like to follow me around. By the way, Oh-No once took advantage of my lack of vision and stole a biscuit right from under my nose, hence her name.

As a 12-going-on-13-year-old man, there is one thing that gets me off the couch: Dirt! I LOVE dirt. My favorite is to dig a hole and then roll around it. Mommy says it makes me look like a little hippo.

This past year I’ve had two cancerous tumors removed, one from the back of my throat and another from my behind. I may have not had as rough of a life as some of the other “Monsters” but I’ve faced many of my own hardships. Also, five years ago I was attacked by another dog who was off-leash in the park. The dog bit two holes straight throw my face and within a few hours, my face had blown up making me look like a pot-bellied pig. I needed to have immediate surgery done on my face and a tube inserted into the side of my face to drain the infected puss that accumulated grown within. Mommy said I was a trooper!

Throughout my life, I’ve faced lots of stigma because apparently I’m a mix of two of the ‘nastiest breeds around.’ That is farthest from the truth! I’m the most docile, nicest boy you’d ever meet! When I was younger, I didn’t even realize how strong or tough I was and was often scared of the silliest things. I’ve maybe barked a dozen times since I was 9 weeks old and am terrified of the car. Now does this sound like a monster?

I have and still am branded because of my mixed race, but I’ve broken all the rules. My mommy says she will walk side by side with me until my final days because I am truly the love of her life and she wouldn’t know what she’d do without me, her cuddlebug!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story!
~Jacob Norton

Parent: Amy