Jack, Owensboro, KY

Hi! I’m Jack! Can you believe it? My family thought they were complete. They weren’t even looking for a dog!

I had been hanging around in the parking lot of a department store all day and most of the night, looking for food and friendly people. I didn’t know it, but a man who worked inside had been instructed by his manager to call Animal Control.

Luckily for me, he would not. He knew what would happen to me if I ended up in the shelter in that county, just because of the handsome features I got from being part pit bull! So, instead of making that call, he offered me a seat in his van. At first I was reluctant and anxious. People had disappointed me a lot lately. But I was also really tired, hungry and lonely, so I decided to trust him.

We arrived at his house and I saw a lady, a little girl and two cats. Everyone spoke kindly to me and touched me so gently. I didn’t have to tell them how hungry I was, or how long it had been since I had a decent meal, because all my ribs were showing. Food was poured into a bowl for me, and I was so relieved to finally have an easy meal!

When one of the cats, named Harry, came to the food bowl to rub heads with me, I think everyone was a little nervous about how I might react, but they needn’t have worried. I just kissed Harry on the nose, and went back to my dinner. I knew right away he and I would become great friends.

When I came to live with my new family, I didn’t know what was expected of me and I was still nervous because of the way I had been treated before. It was hard to trust people and even harder to relax and just be myself! For a long time, if I saw someone holding a broom, a rake or even a guitar, I cowered away from them to hide. I just couldn’t believe no one was ever going to hurt me again!

It’s been almost five years and my life is so different now! I have a nice big backyard for playing tag and digging holes. All our neighbors know my name. When I’m not playing outside, I live in the warm, comfortable house. My family takes me jogging, camping and even sailing! Everywhere we go I receive compliments on my great manners and sense of humor. Everyday I get so many hugs and kisses and laughs, and I feel so appreciated!

I know my family is proud of me because they love to introduce me to new people. By showing others how well behaved and sweet I am, we bring dogs like me one step closer to the reputation we deserve: Gentle, loyal, wonderful family members.

My family was not looking for a dog, but they are so glad I found them!

Thanks for reading my story!
Love, Jack

Parents: Brandy & Todd