Isis, Snellville, GA

Hi, my name is Isis! If you knew me from my Facebook page Isis & Pups, then you probably know that my life didn’t start off great.

Five months ago, you would’ve found me at Animal Control in Athens, GA, sleeping on a cold concrete floor with no hope left of being adopted or rescued. But then a very nice lady came running in saying she wanted me! I couldn’t believe it!

Her name is Lydia and she’s with The Park Pet Haven Dog Rescue. She told me that when she saw me on, she immediately called and found out that no one was interested in me. That was it. She drove right away to meet me.

She took me out and I made sure to give her a lot of kisses. She told me she fell in love with me immediately. It’s hard not to especially since I look like one of her foster failure dogs. Besides, she couldn’t stand the thought of both me and my puppies being killed.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that I was in the last stage of my pregnancy?

Five days later, I gave birth in my foster home to 12 little puppies on February 4th, 2012. My puppies were all born healthy and happy; all they wanted to do was eat!

Their names were Ike, Isabel, Isa, Ian, Isaac, Ivan, Iggy, Ilyssa, Iliana, Indy, Iman and Irena. They are the “I” babies! 🙂 My babies are beautiful and I love them so much! My foster mom created the Isis & Pups page so anyone interested could stay updated on how all 13 of us were doing!

I tried to be the best mom I could be, but with so many I needed a little help from my foster mom. With both of us, my puppies continued to grow.

As much as I loved being a good mommy to my babies (the vet actually said I had already been a mom at least three times before!), I also wanted to be someone’s baby. My foster mom agrees and she continue to post me online so people who might be interested could email her about me.

When my babies were around 6 weeks old I went to the vet and was spayed. Once that was done I was ready to find my forever home. Two weeks later I got my wish!

My foster mom got be in the car again and told me I was going someplace where I would have a family of my own that would love me forever! I couldn’t believe my luck! When I got there I met my new brother Toby and before I knew, my new parents told my foster mom that I’m staying, forever!! 🙂

That was a few months ago and I love being in my forever home! I get to be the center of attention and be the baby of the family. Besides Toby who I love to play and cuddle with, I also have Sean and Cody, my human brothers! I get to run around in the backyard with Toby, go for runs with my mom and sleep in the bed every night!

As for my babies, all of them have been adopted and are doing very well. They are more than 30 pounds now and 5 months old in July. Two have been adopted in Georgia but the others have been adopted in other states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. The Park Pet Haven Dog Rescue and my foster mom plan to have a GA-reunion with Gator (Isaac), Lulu (Iliana) and me in February. The ones that got to go up north will also hopefully get together soon for a big ol’ reunion so we can all see each other.

My puppies and I have a happy story because of my foster mom — I can’t thank her enough for saving me and giving me the chance to be loved.

Thank you for reading my story!

Parents: Noelle & James