Hooch, Harvester, MO

Hooch here! Would you believe I am 90 pounds and all I want to do is love?

I was found as a stray and was taken to the Downey Shelter. My life before I got in the shelter was unknown. At the shelter, they found out I was friendly and I would lick you to death, even though my appearance could be quite frightening. Sadly, they couldn’t keep me since it gets so crowded in these shelters and they can only give dogs that look like me 5 days to live there. Before I knew it, I was minutes away from death. (“But you don’t even know me,” I wanted to shout but couldn’t!)

Thank goodness for Facebook and Wags and Walks. A kind woman named Celeste put a photo of me on Facebook and Wags and Walks fell instantly in love with my sweet eyes. The Mutt Matcher came to meet me and temperament test me. They can’t find me a home if I am not pawfect!

I was so happy (and goofy) to be around. I knew my commands like sit and give a paw, believe it or not I could roll my big body over! I had to be taken out that day or else. Wags and Walks was up to the challenge (with help from donations from people like you) I was pulled to safety. Wags and Walks found my pawfect match in Rick, an awesome truck driver who wanted a buddy to be his companion on the long lonely road.

At the time, Rick was driving through New Mexico and he saw a video of me on Facebook. After seeing the video, he knew he had to have me. He contacted Lesley at Wags and Walks. Arrangements were made to pull me out of the shelter to safety. Rick showed up two days later and I got to go to my pawfect home!

Now we are best friends, having big adventures together! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to find me. Rick spoils me more than I could have ever imagine. He took care of me: I had a cherry eye that had to be fixed, and at the same time, I had my nostrils widen so I could breathe better. Rick spent about so much money on my vet bills, but he told me it was worth it.

He also protects me because I am scared of noises and other dogs that are aggressive, especially the little ones. When we stop, Rick lets me out so I can run. I never run off but I don’t always come back on time when called. 🙂 So Rick comes and gets me, puts me on the leash and I walk back to the truck by his side. I love him, and I am sure he loves me. I am a lover, not a fighter. I don’t even destroy my toys like I am told other dogs do.

Now I have 2 Facebook pages, one for me (Hooch) and one for my website (Hooch Apparel). Luckily, my story now has a happy ending but we know not all is well.

Millions of other dogs need homes and loving owners to take care of them. That’s why Rick opened this website, getsomehooch.com. Portions of the profit is going towards helping save those dogs, who are hoping to meet their Rick someday, the person that would accept them, care for them, and love them for who they are.

Those dogs need a happy ending too. Why don’t we create one for them? If you are looking for a dog, adopt from a shelter and don’t shop at stores.

I was saved by a lot of people and I was proud of it! Now it’s their turn. Please help other dogs break free out of kill shelters.

Thank you!

LOVE, Hooch

Parent: Rick