Honey, West Jordan, UT

Hi! My name is Honey and I’m a 4-year-old pit bull.

I was about 3 years old when I found my home. I was found as a stray and they could tell I’ve had too many litters. They think I had my last litter a few months before they found me on the streets. I was taken to West Valley City Animal Shelter where they only keep dogs for 30 days and if they stay past that, they can end up in a gas chamber…

Right before my time at the shelter was up, I was pulled by Tooele Animal Outreach and put into a foster home. I was so lucky.

I quickly fell in love with my foster sister who became my foster mom…and now she’s my mom! Yep, that’s right! I’m a failed foster. Let me tell you why I was a failed foster.

I went in for a spay. Normal surgery, right? Well, the next day my mom saw that I was bleeding from my spay area. At first she thought I pulled my stitches but I kept bleeding. She tried to figure out what to do and because I was still a foster, she contacted the rescue group. While she waited for them to get me into a different vet, she got a rag, folded it, put it on my area and wrapped it with an ace bandage.

They got me into a different vet and she spent an hour cleaning out blood clots. Yikes! The vet said if my mom hadn’t done what she did and not have gotten me in sooner, I would have been dead by the next morning!

My mom couldn’t handle almost losing me. She slept with me every night even when I was on the floor to make sure I was alright. She even carried me outside when I had to go out and carried me right back inside, never once complained. It’s because of her and my family that I know what true love is.

It’s been a year since I found my forever home, and I am learning new things daily. I learned that I can be a normal dog and have fun. I love going for walks, but my all-time favorite thing is car rides!!

The shelter I was taken to has also come a long way. They are working on becoming a no kill shelter and are making great improvements.

I am a much loved and spoiled girl, and even though I am a pit bull, I still found my forever. My mom and I are working me becoming her Emotional Support Animal and I am very close to being where I need to be.

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♥ Honey

Parent: Megahn