Hobo, Port St. Lucie, FL

One day in June of 2003, my future mom was looking on Petfinder.com and saw my picture. I was at a No Kill facility in Miami, Pet Rescue Miami. I had been there for 4 years (!) and had always been overlooked for Adoption.

My future mom said my gentleness was apparent so she called the next day. They thought I might be 7, 8, 9 or 10, which didn’t matter to her. Apparently I was found wandering around Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami and I had a tag that said my name was Satan. She thought “What an Oxymoron!” (My rescuers changed my name to Hobo because they didn’t feel that a dog named “Satan” would have a good chance for adoption.)

On June 14, 2003, my future mom drove down and adopted me. She already had Joey (a pit bull or Dane/Pointer Mix) and Delilah (a Lab/Dalmation Mix), but I guess I just tugged at her heart strings.

I was a Shepherd/Chow Mix and at 50lbs., I was the smallest of my pack. But that was OK because now my mom truly had a Small, Medium and an Extra Large! 😉

My mom always tell people I was the gentlest of souls. I was terrified of storms, loud noise, fireworks, etc. One day during a storm, my mom couldn’t find me and after a frantic search, she found that I had opened a kitchen cabinet, crawled in and hid behind the pots and pans.

My parents know that Shepherds and Chows can have a stigma attached to them, and I broke ALL of those rules. Unfortunately, I started to show marked signs of aging around March of 2009. By October, my mom had to make the tough decision. With heavy hearts, I was send to The Rainbow Bridge on October 13th, 2009. Although I was from the breeds that  are sometimes considered “mean,” I was a gentle soul and I know my family will always remember me as such.

Parent: Nicole