Hazel, Sinking Spring, PA

Hi, everybody! My name is Hazel and I am almost 7 years old.

The first five years of my life were pretty ruff!! I was used as a breeder dog; every 6 months I would keep having babies. I would have loved to see them better but I had eutropia in my eyes that irritated them and made it very hard to see. ๐Ÿ™

My back leg also hurt me but this was all I knew so I always thought that I must be loved. Boy, was I wrong!

I remember going for a car ride. I loved it! I thought I was going to a dog park or a pet store to maybe get a toy or even a bone because I know I was a good girl. After all, I took very good care of all of my puppies. Maybe this was my owners way of showing how much they loved me!

We pulled up to a building and I heard other dogs barking! Surly this was a dog park! I had always heard about them but had never been to one this was going to be awesome! But, as I listened to the barking, the dogs sounded scared and lonely. This couldn’t be a dog park. What is this place?

My owner walked me to the building and before I knew what was happening threw me into a pen and slammed the door! I barked and cried and tried to get out of the cage but it was no use! Between my eyes and my leg I was stuck inside this cage. I was scared and alone…

Three weeks went by. By now, I knew that I was in a shelter. Although I would rather have a home, the people that work here were nice! I got food, water, warm blankets to sleep on and I got petted and even told that I was a good girl.

I even got a Kennel Companion named Kim. She took me for a walk, and gave me hugs and told me what a good girl I was! On the second day that Kim visited me I didn’t feel too well. I had a bad cough so Kim didn’t take me far on our walk today. ๐Ÿ™

I heard one of the shelter workers tell Kim that I had Kennel Cough and that there was no room in the sick area for me. I heard them say something about euthanasia… That sounds scary.

I heard Kim ask about taking me to her house to give me medicine to help me feel better. The next day I met her dogs, Roscoe and Cody, and I liked them!

Kim took me home to “foster” me until I get better. I sid goodbye to the people at the shelter who took care of me and I was on my way to a home! Even though it was only temporary, I loved it already!

From the first moment I came into Kim’s home, I was grateful! I tried my best to be on my best behavior. I wanted to stay with Kim and Roscoe and Cody!

I got both of my eyes fixed (sutured open for three weeks). I also had my leg fixed (I heard it is something called ACL surgery). Kim said I was a champ with both procedures. I wagged my tail and gave kisses every time I needed cream in my eyes or needed to go for a short walk.

Kim continued to put out a plea for my furever home.ย Little did I know that I had already found it! On September 13, 2013, just 7 weeks after fostering me, Kim told me that she had become a failure… a foster failure!! I got to stay with her forever!! ๐Ÿ™‚

A month later, on October 13, 2013, I earned my Canine Good Citizenship and three months later, in January 2014, I became a Certified Therapy dog!

I LOVE going to the hospital to see the staff, patients and anyone else I can say hello to! I also visit nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools and different civic organizations.

I’ve been through a lot but my tail never stops wagging, my kisses are a constant and I just love with all of my heart. I shower everyone with Joy, Love, and Pitty Kisses wherever I go and I even give out a dose of education about Pit Bulls in the process. ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out my pawsome life (and outfit!) on Facebook, Hazel: Therapy Dog Extraodinaire.

p.s. My mom never had the pleasure of being owned by a Pit Bull before me and she told me she is forever grateful that I chose her to be my mom. And that I rescued her. Silly Mom โ€” she’s the one who rescued me! I guess you can say we rescued each other, and I’m so glad we did.

Much love,

Parent: Kim