Harley, Brooklyn, NY

Hi, my name is Harley and I am a princess diva. I was lucky to have a good home since I was 10 weeks old when I chose my human parents on their visit to my dog parent’s house. I was almost not going to make it since I was suffocated by my brothers and sister as a puppy but luckily my dog parents daddy revived me.  So, like my new Mommy, I am a survivor, that’s why I knew she was going to be my Mommy forever.

I am very sociable and love to play with kids, adults and other dogs. My Daddy drops me off on weekdays at my grandma’s house in Queens so I can help take care of the kids (two girls 6 and 3 and an 18 month old boy). I am well known around my Brooklyn neighborhood because of my friendly nature. My Mommy calls me the politician because there is not one person or dog that I won’t say hi to. I like to spend my time traveling with my parents to visit my other grandparents in Massachusetts. I like to play with my stuffed animal friends, take naps on my comforter and watch sporting events with my Daddy. I always want to be with my Mommy and Daddy; I show them I loved them by listening to them and cuddling with them whenever I get a chance.  I am a quiet dog and rarely bark but when I do bark, boy I sound like a dog twice my size. I know how to give paw, lay down and give high five, I also know how to do a half twirl when I want to :-).

Parents: Nancy & Ralfi