Halen, Carrollton, TX

Hi! My name is Halen and I’m a Presa Canario. Everybody who’s met me said I’m a great, great dog. Just a gentleman…but I’m sitting right now in a place called Toothacres, a boarding facility, for the last 6 months!

How did I get here? I’m not a stray nor a throwaway. I have a Dad and he really loves me. But sometime over the winter, I was dumped at a shelter. The reason for my surrender was that she was splitting up with her husband — my Dad. Yes, my “Mom” dropped me off. Apparently she’s done with my Dad…and me.

What’s worse, my Dad didn’t know that I was signed over for potential death. How is it possible? It’s because he was busy serving our country on a military deployment! Rescue workers moved quickly to make sure I was safe. The last thing anybody wanted was for a serviceman to return home grieving the needless loss of his dear pal. (Seriously!)

I was sent to Toothacres and lots of volunteers from DFW Rescue Me visited me often. Of course because I am so handsome, I instantly melted everyone’s heart, making it hard not to take me home. They all tried to figure out a way to get me out of boarding, but each encountered roadblocks. So they did the best thing for me, they make it a point to visit me daily and continued to hold out hope for something better.

After a while, people gave these volunteers a name: “Halen’s moms.” If ever a dog needed “moms,” it was me.

Every time one of my moms took me out to play, everybody can see that my Dad invested a lot of time working with me. I always wanted to show off my incredible manners, especially if there was a group watching. 🙂 I ignored other dogs who yelled at me as I walked past. Once off the leash, my favorite thing to do was roll around like a pig with my enormous tongue hanging out.

Every one of my moms couldn’t imagine why anyone would be capable of ditching me at a shelter. Ever.

A month or so went by, and the people who originally rescued me heard some amazing news: My Dad discovered my moms had me! Every one of my moms were overjoyed!! They quickly went and told me, through tears of joy! I will be reunited with my Dad and we’ll be family again! (I knew he wouldn’t have abandoned me. I knew it with all my heart!)

Unfortunately, due to my Dad’s position in the military, he is forbidden from disclosing any information regarding his location or when he will return. He can’t come home yet so I just have to hang out with my moms a little while longer. But he knows where I am now! Everyone cannot wait to see me run to my Dad when he comes to get me. Me neither!!

I know that until my Dad comes home, I have my moms. But my moms really want me get out of Toothacres sooner than later. It’s been way too long!! They want to find some who can foster me.

My moms would like a foster in north Texas who is familiar with the needs of Presa Canarios and large bully breeds. I’m a kind, docile creature — everyone says I’m an amazing dog and easily managed, very loving — but I obviously could cause serious damage because of my size and strength, so caring for me is no small task for a novice. And they prefer a home with no other animals or small children.

My moms hope to find a comfy home I can relax in until my Dad can get me. Will you be willing to open your house to foster me for a bit? I would really like that.


I’d really like to thanks to DFW Rescue Me, the Storms, the shelter staff, the “Halen’s Moms” (Kristan, Audrey and Rachael, as well as Danny, Lacy, CJ, Leila, Jen, Aaron, Helen, Jon, Kim, Jill, Merrin, Russell, Bella, and Rhonda for taking time to make sure I’m well-loved), and, of course, Toothacres. For more information and updates on my progress, please visit Six Days at The Fair: Sir Halen, Champion of Our Hearts.

If you would like to donate toward the rather expensive cost of maintaining my welfare, including the provision of heart worm and flea preventative, large bones, treats, extra large dog toys, and additional veterinary care, please follow this link. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: Halen was adopted in January 2013. Details will follow. Thank you!

Photos courtesy of Merrin Austin