Grimm, Kansas City, MO

My name is Grimm. I’m almost 11 years old.

I’ve been with my mommy and daddy my whole life. I feel blessed that my life has been perfect since I was 8 weeks old. Except when I lived under breed specific legislation.

I lived with my daddy and his family until I was 2 years old. Then the town I lived in, Independence, MO, passed breed ban. When the laws passed, I moved in with my mommy and her family because my daddy’s family couldn’t obtain the strict and expensive requirements of those laws.

When I first arrived at mommy’s, her family was scared of me, but they knew I’d die if they didn’t let me move in with them. The first night, grandma was worried. She asked mommy where I was going to sleep. When mommy said I’d sleep in her bed, grandma was worried she wouldn’t be safe.

But within 2 days, I won them all over. 🙂 They love me dearly and learned pit bulls aren’t what the media says about them.

I lived under BSL for 6 years. I was a prisoner, confined to my home and it was illegal for me to go anywhere but the vet. Although I was grandfathered, my mommy kept me hidden.

She was so afraid something would happened to me, or we were deemed to have broken a new rule she wasn’t aware of…she heard stories of harassment and she didn’t want me taken away from her.

I couldn’t go anywhere or even play outside. 🙁

Because my mommy’s house didn’t have a 6-ft tall fence that is 2-ft deep in the ground, I needed two 4-ft leashes, one attached to a normal collar and one on a choke chain with a basket or heavy leather muzzle, just to go potty.

In addition, my family also had to take out a $300,000 home owners insurance, plus pay a $100 yearly fee to animal control. Yeah, BSL sucks!

Thankfully, two years ago we moved to Kansas City so no more hiding me in the house! Oh and I can go on car rides! I LOVE riding shotgun!

Mommy and daddy started fostering pit bulls in need. I’ve helped all 10 fosters learn manners and gain confidence while they were here.

When I grew attached to one of them, mommy adopted her for me. 🙂 That’s how we got our precious Adira, who had her paw amputated after being caught in a hunting trap.

I love everyone I meet. I’ve never met a dog, cat or person I didn’t give a big smooch to. Mommy says I’m a great big foster brother because of my wonderful temperament. Other rescue people mommy has worked with even say I’m perfect for it because I’m so even tempered.

I’ve never raised my lip or growled at any other dogs, even when they do it to me. I trust my mommy and daddy will protect me so I let them take care of those situations.

One time, I met a Pomeranian that tried to attack me. Mommy was in shock when all I did was run away.

When I got my own Facebook page, I decided I wanted to have it promote pit bulls that needed furever homes and to raise money for the rescues that save them. I’ve done a couple auctions in which I’ve raised over $5,000 for rescues. My grandma even paid for shipping so all the money raised went straight to the rescues.

Over the last few years, I’ve also become mommy’s nurse. She has chronic migraines and I can read her like a book. I let her know when she needs to stop and take it easy. And I know when she needs me to lick her face to distract her from her migraine.

I am very loved, and I’m proud I inspired my mommy to rescue and foster pit bulls less fortunate than me.

Thanks for reading my story and I’d love to see you on my Facebook page: Sir Grimm the Elderbull and Lady Adira the Diva Princess.


Parent: Lori