Gremlin, North Olmstead, OH

Hi! I’m Gremlin!! I’m a Pit Bull on a mission to change the world and here’s my story.

I’m a former bait dog that was bought by an undercover police officer in the Washington, D.C. area in 2007 in order to bust the dog fighting ring. Once the ring was busted and everyone was taken into custody, I was placed in a shelter as evidence towards the cruelty case.

I was in a really bad shape. Both of my back legs were broken on purpose and because of the way the bad people had set it, it was difficult for me to walk. It was painful!! I also had my vocal chords ruptured by what the Vet said was the end of a baseball bat. The bad people jammed it down my throat so so I could no longer bark. I’m also partially deaf.

I thought I was going to go to court to show the judge what the bad people had done to me. To my surprise, no charges were ever made against the bad people and they were let free with no punishment! What’s worse: Apparently the people at the shelter was going to put me to sleep — I guess I was of no use to them anymore.

Thankfully, Odessa Second Chance Rescue and Rehabilitation stepped up and saved me. I was then taken by this big guy that would become my Dad — my biggest fan, supporter and best pal.

He was my therapist and he quickly started my rehabilitation process. I went through almost two years of Hydro-Therapy and rehabilitation to be able to walk normally without any pain. For the longest time, my Dad and other people were positive I was going to need a wheel chair because I had such a hard time walking. But you see, I’m a fighter! I worked real hard on getting better and lots of people were rooting for me. Now I can walk and do stairs normally.

After seeing my awesome progress, my Dad started training me and I got my CGC certification. Then I became a Registered Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs Inc. My Dad says I’m an ideal Therapy Dog because I just want to sit or lay next to someone and be petted.

I now visit Aristocrat Berea Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for people who are mentally unstable. I visit once a week and spends time with the patients on each floor. They love it when I visit and are always waiting for my arrival in the rec room. Whenever I walk into the room, their faces just light up. I guess I’m just what the doctor ordered! 🙂

I’m also going to become a Pet Pal at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, so I will visit with the kids in the hospital and let them read to me or just sit and pet me, which is great therapy. I’m going to Avon East Elementary School and visiting with the Special Education Class, which is a class of all age groups with varying mental disorders.

My story is one that a lot of people are amazed with — people have such a negative outlook on Pit Bulls and to have a dog that came from a fighting situation become a children’s therapy dog says a lot for my breed.

My life is awesome now! I get to meet people, hang out with my Dad on our mission and live in a house with many furry siblings to play with. I also get my Dad’s bed to sleep in. (My Dad says I snore! LOUD! :-)) I also have one ear that won’t go up and one that won’t go down and, I don’t know why, people seem to like that and put my picture on their T-Shirts. I guess they think I’m cute!

I love taking long walks through Crocker Park, meeting people and helping them realize we are not these horrible beasts the media portrays us to be. My mission is to show people that the Pit Bull breed like me are not monsters. My Dad likes to say how when people judge pit bulls, they’re really looking at the wrong end of the leash. That is so true!!

My story has a really happy ending. But there are others like me out there that aren’t so lucky. My Dad and I travel the country exposing the nation to the truths of dog fighting and how the cruelty of humans never cease to amaze us. We will travel as far as necessary to get my story out. I want people to see me as a survivor, that I was in very bad shape, but am a total breed ambassador.

We would love it if you could help us spread our mission to the masses. Please tell all of your friends to like me on Facebook and help us change the image of the wonderful Pit Bull breed. And always remember my motto: Don’t judge a book by its cover!


Parent: Chris

Editor’s Note: Gremlin has retired from therapy work and public appearance. Together with her parents and siblings, she is now busy with The Mr. Mo Project where they they fight to save senior shelter dogs nationwide, to honor of the life of their late and beloved senior dog, Mr. Mo. 

Besides helping dog owners pay their senior dog’s bills for the rest of the dog’s life, The Mr. Mo Project also helps senior shelter dogs at risk for euthanasia, who deserve to live their remaining years in a loving home, too. Team Mo will help pull the dog, pay for vet bills for the rest of their lives, AND transport them by air or land anywhere in the nation, to get them safely to their final forever home.