Gracie, Houston, TX

Hi, my name is Gracie. I had a rough start, but now I’ve got it made!

Animal Control received a call about a dead dog on the side of the road in August 2011. That “dead dog” was me; I was so starved and neglected that I couldn’t stand. All I could do was lay there, a pile of skin and bones.

Once they saw I was alive, I was taken to BARC, which is unfortunately a kill shelter in Houston. On the last day of my 3-day hold, my intake photo made its way to the nice people at Treat ‘Em Right Rescue. They quickly posted that photo on their Facebook page, pleading for a foster. Without a foster, I wouldn’t leave that place.

My mom ended up seeing my photo, talked to my dad, then contacted TERR to see about fostering me. Good thing, since I was scheduled to be euthanized that very day!

TERR quickly pulled me on a Friday and checked me out. I was 31 lbs, heartworm positive, and very stinky. šŸ™ My skin was basically dying because of lack of food.

My mom picked me up that Sunday & I finally went to a real home! Because of my lack of food, I needed to be fed small meals 6-7 times a day. My mom would cook for me to get me to eat more. I even had two Dachshund foster sisters to keep me company! But it didn’t last long…

The leasing office where my fosters lived said they couldn’t have a third dog. With much sadness, they had to return me to TERR & I found another foster home. My mom and my new foster mom kept in touch about my progress. I learned to do zoomies at my new foster home & destroy toys there too! I couldn’t have asked for better families to take care of me.

My mom and dad knew I was a keeper & began looking into buying a home. They found a place where they could live where there would be no back neighbors & a big yard. They were sold!!

A few days before Thanksgiving 2011, I was adopted. It was such a happy and sad day for my foster family & my furever family. I went home and began living in my permanent place. We soon moved into our new house, where I have dominated the yard with my zoomies! šŸ™‚

I am still heartworm positive; going through the slow kill process works for me. I won’t be crated!! I will never have to worry about food, shelter, vet care or love. I’ve changed so many minds about pitbulls. I’m not mean or scary. I love to give kisses, sleep in the big bed & beg for people food.

I now weigh 76 lbs. Mom doesn’t cook for me that much cause my vet says I actually could lose a few pounds!! šŸ™‚

I love my 2 sisters very much and I enjoy antagonizing them with my barking & zoomies!

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Gracie the Pittie

Parent: Kerry