Gladys, Anderson, IN

Hi all! I am Gladys, Glorious Elderbull and I love being MOI!

I’m an older pit bull, which is sometimes known as an Elderbull. Isn’t it wonderful that we are given the distinction of our own name?

I am on the curvy side. 🙂 I have tan fur with beautiful light caramel eyes to match. My Mummzy says that my eyes enhance my already beautiful self!

But my life wasn’t all glorious! Let me tell you a bit about MOI.

On a Tuesday night before Thanksgiving, my Mummzy wrote a Dear Santa letter on her Facebook: Dear Santa, I would like an Elderbull for Christmas. In a flash, my picture appeared underneath her post with a note from a friend of her daughter’s — and founder of Mended Hearts Indy — Nichole, telling her about me being at the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control (IACC). The picture was of me in a cage with a message “Be careful what you wish for!”

She took one look at my beautiful self and knew she was meant to be with me. She also knew that my name was to be Gladys…after her mother who had been visiting her in drams for 2 solid weeks!

Nichole and Mummzy made arrangements the very next day to come visit MOI! I was a hit! 🙂 I flew through my temperament test and I captured my Mummzy’s heart immediately!

The shelter was getting ready to close so instead of coming back on Black Friday, Nichole kept me for the Thanksgiving holiday. Then she met with Mummzy on Black Friday, November 25th, 2011, when I officially became Gladys Jane, Elderbull. My Mummzy likes to say that I was her Black Friday Splurge. 🙂

The vet believes I am about 8 years old. I am unable to tell them of my past but it appears that I was used quite often to breed little Gladys’!!! While staying at my human sister’s house and all of her dogs and fosters, my natural instinct for herding puppies arose!

I am also a peace keeper. In spite of the bad reputation that pit bull type doggies have, I am the peace keeper. Whenever any of the dogs at my sister’s house rough house a bit too much, I must step in between until they calm down. I like things on the peaceful side.

And I LOVE FOOD! They say I must diet! How humiliating! I cannot help that I have a curvy and voluptuous figure!!!! However, Mummzy keeps me on this diet. I do keep an eye out for any other options at all times! Shhhhh!

I also like my 4 cat sisters. They are still trying to figure me out, but they do not bother me. I would like to herd them like puppies, but they do not seem interested in the concept…so I just leave them alone.

I have discovered something while living with them though. I think it is a delicacy yet undiscovered! Did you know that kitties do their business in a box? Well, they do! And then it gets all covered up in this grainy stuff — sort of like breading!! Yes, it is quite the delicacy. (Mmmm!) But Mummzy says I am not to indulge in such things. 🙁

My Mummzy and I want to help educate peoples about pit bull-type doggie awareness! Come visit me on Facebook: Gladys, Glorious Elderbull and we can educate people together!

Since this writing, Moi was diagnosed with breast cancer. The nice vet removed all the masses and now Moi is a breast cancer survivor! 🙂

Thank you for reading my story! ♥


Parent: Donna

Editor’s Note: On November 21, 2013, Gladys grew her wings and went to the Rainbow Bridge. “MOI grew wings and has flown to da most bootiful Rainbow Bridge. Mumz always knew dat meh CHF journey would be a short one….and it was, indeed, very short. MOI wishes to tank you merci boo coo for da outpouring of lubz you have given daily from da beginning for MOI and for meh Mummzy. Mumz is so tired. After MOI became ill, there was little sleep. MOI asks for you to understand dat Mummzy is a very private person and she wishes to have a few days to just be alone and reflect on our lives together. MOI will be forever grateful to have had almost 2 years of life wif her….and she will tell you it is really da other way around. We were a good match-up! MOI so lubz all of you and will always wish you God’s blessings.”