GH, Houston, TX

Hey there! My name is GH (short for Good Hank, a King of the Hill reference – my dad is a Texan! BOL). But, my friends call me Big G!

I was rescued in November, 2012, when a friend of my foster mom saw me, hurt and in need of help, in the forest near her friend’s house. They had seen me in the forest for about a week and were waiting for me to come close enough that they could help me. I finally wandered in (rumor has it there was some steak involved) and they were able to get a harness on me.

My foster mom got a call from her friend saying they had found a pittie in bad shape and they didn’t know what to do. My foster mom was actually across the state picking up dogs for a rescue transport, so she triaged me over the phone!

When she got to me, she could see I was hurt, but didn’t know exactly what had happened. I had a big wound on the back of my neck, puncture wounds down my neck and back, was too thin, had broken teeth, and had big tumors on my tummy and tail – but I was wagging my whole body! She scooped me up to go home and even let me ride shotgun.

The vet thinks that I was attacked by a hog because of where I was found and the high occurrences of hog hunting in the area. Given my calm and sweet demeanor, it is also quite possible that I wouldn’t hunt, and was let loose in the forest. Everyone who meet me the first few days was surprised I was able to survive in the forest, alone, and so wounded. Everyone also commented on how sweet and happy I was considering how badly I had been hurt.

I had some surgeries to remove the tumors (which were benign) and my broken teeth – I am missing an upper canine now, so I make an “Elvis” face when my lip gets stuck on my bottom tooth!

I am all healed up, at a healthy weight, and ready for my forever life! Here are my stats:

  • I am about 3 years old
  • I weigh about 55 pounds
  • I am neutered (and all of my surgeries have been completed)
  • I am Low HW+ (but have been on the slow kill treatment since November)
  • I am good with other dogs – I live with big dogs, small dogs, and foster puppies (My foster mom says I am a bit too interested in kitties for her to consider me “safe” with them)
  • I am on the lower energy side and like to lounge around
  • I LOVE to go for a nice stroll and am very good on my leash
  • My FAVORITE thing to do is ride in the car and hang my head out of the window
  • I LOVE people and am good with kids (but, I am a little clumsy, so a little older kids may be best!)

I currently live in Houston with my foster family, but for the right family, out of town/state adoptions will be considered. I am a happy, big man with LOTS of love to give and am excited for my forever life!

If you are interested in meeting me or think you may be my forever family, I am listed through Love Puppy Breath Rescue or you can email my foster mom for more information!

You can also see more photos of me on my foster brother’s Facebook page, Reggie the Deaf Pit Bull.


Editor’s Note: GH found his forever home in September 2013. He is his mom’s bestest furiend forever! ♥