Georgia & Jasmine, Van Buren, AR

Hello! We’re bully sisters. I’m Georgia, an American Bulldog, and my sister Jasmine is an English Bulldog.

My story is not much different from many of my abandoned bully brothers and sisters. I’m a beautiful girl and my owner knew I would have beautiful babies — to sell. I was what my newly adopted parents say, overbred.

I had many puppies in a short amount of time. My milk bottles were hanging and I was thin.

One day my owner took me to the dog park near Carrollton, TX, and left me there.

A nice lady found me after I was at the part for over 2 hours. She was kind enough to wait at the park to see if my owner would come back for me. When they didn’t show up, she loaded all 75 lbs. of me into her car and drove me to the rescue.

I’d like to think that she wanted to adopt me but she had other dogs and they might be jealous of me, taking all the hugs and kisses…and treats.

This was right about Thanksgiving time. I was thankful alright, to be alive. I was abandoned yet I was one of the lucky ones because it could have been a much worse circumstance.

The nice lady reached out to Operation Kindness, a no-kill rescue, and they took me in. The humans at Operation Kindness were so kind to me. Every day I got to eat canned dog food mixed in with dry food. There were many volunteers who took the canines out for daily walks — I wiggled and jiggled with excitement when it was my turn to get outside of the kennel and run!

But I didn’t feel too well. I was heart-worm positive. Even I knew that it was going to be difficult for someone to adopt me because that the treatments were expensive…and painful too. 🙁

Christmas came…and went. Yep, I spent my Christmas in the rescue. But on December 28, the friendly rescue volunteer gave me an extra good bath. She wiped the eye stain off of my white fur too. She told me a lady saw my picture on the bulldog network online and that her husband wanted to see me.

He drove 5 hours to see me…to see ME! Well, I was nervous and excited, although I tried to contain myself — it was difficult. I warmed right up to this nice stranger.

He took me outside for a short walk. I was taught to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ during my 5 weeks of incarceration. Of course, I had to show off how well behaved I was. I leaned on his leg and wouldn’t leave his side. I had this feeling, you know, that special sense that canines have, they can tell a good guy from a bad guy.

Well, this man was a good guy. He took a picture of me on his phone and sent it to his wife. She said to bring me home with him! 🙂

My parents took me to the doctor and they got me started on the heart-worm treatments. It hurt me very much and my mom cried when she saw how much pain I was in. But it was only one of the treatments that was the worst.

It was just a matter of time that I was rid of heartworms. My parents noticed how much faster I could run. And I began to eat more and gained 10 lbs. in just a few weeks.

About 7 months later, my parents decided to adopt a bully sister for me. They found a place in Oklahoma City, a group of volunteers who foster bulldogs — Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue.

My mom talked to Amber — my mom calls her an Angel. Amber takes in bulldogs that nobody wants or can afford medical care or are taken away because they weren’t treated very well. Amber works with these bullies to get them to not be afraid. She gives them medicine to make their skin better — some of the bulldogs come there without fur. Some of them have bladder problems and other issues from staying inside a kennel for hours on end.

My sister was owner surrendered to TABR but she was lucky too. Because of this rescue, people can bring their unwanted bulldogs and Amber will take them in, love them, feed them, care for them and fix them.

I got into the truck with my mom and dad, and we set out to get my new sister, Jasmine (Sassy). Jasmine was very shy but she didn’t seem sad when we put her in the truck with us to take her home. We think she’s about the same age as me.

And she was a former baby mama too. Her spine is curved because of the weight of having multiple litters of puppies. She has an eye condition and my mom has to put ointment on it every day but she never complains and Jasmine doesn’t mind either.

I continue to get canned dog food mixed in with dry food and so does my sister. Both my sister and I are lucky that there are rescues out there for bullies like us.

I hope you’ll join me in the Christmas drive to give new toys, collars, treats, warm blankets, towels and other wonderful things to help cheer up my bully brothers and sisters at Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue while they wait for their new home.

Georgia & Jasmine

Parent: Pam